Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gerardo Damian Barbero


Stunning character you have there. i’m really looking forward to seeing him completed.


thanks! i add more very soon.:wip:


finished balcony, and illumination
( brazil - 1 omni and 1 skylight )


Modeling - wire .


WOW, That is some nice detailed modeling, Keep up the good work !!!:applause:

My CG Challenge XVI - Grand Space Opera - 3D Thread


Nice modeling and a great balcony :slight_smile: Prety good atention to the details, thumbs up Smooth Criminal :thumbsup:


Vittorius & Kaksht : thanks, now i am going to add more details:thumbsup:


adding more detail with bump maps and some test with metalic materials.


I really like the style you have, the concept was already fantastic in the first place, but all your designs are very very strong! I think your style will be distinguished from the rest easily! Cheers, and keep going!



You are doing almost the same as I do:sad:

But it is good idea. May be some cooperation will improve our final images:)

See this one>


keetmun: thanks for your commentaries! i hope to follow this style in the rest of the image.

kaajey: i think the same, but don’t worry about this, many people have similar ideas, city being destroyed, kings, emperors etc. but all are following different ways. keep going!!
Good Luck!!!:buttrock:


Muuuuy bueno.

Good detail, very balanced.

keep going!


Intersting design.

What technique are you using for the construction of the geometry???


Daniel Pittaluga: thanks, i hope to finish it in time.:slight_smile:

WazaR: i use 3dsmax - box modeling with the inset tool --> extrusions -->and of course mesh-smooth.:thumbsup:


this it is a building that this in the top of a mountain, I must add more detail in some parts but this almost finished.


Hi Gerardo, the building looks good, a quality amount details, thumbs up man! Keep it up and we will see ya in the final :applause:


thanks for your opinion, i add more in a moment ,and I hope to arrive in the end!!:thumbsup:


i add some dirt to the building, I am going to continue experimenting!!


wowo, that is soo cool… really like the way u model… awesome details… great works mate… keep it up… best wishes from me… brb for more updates…keep it up :thumbsup:


What can I say, your models rock:buttrock: I can only advice to experiment more with the colors. I wouldn’t give a one color to the building. For example give different colors for the roofs, for the sculptures, for the walls in the top part. And make this dirt more visible.

Good progress, keep it rollin’ :slight_smile: