Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: George Kim


George Kim has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: The final render

Sorry to be in a hurry.


Hope I’m on the right tract.


Welcome and good luck. Remember Grand with big GRAND Space opera.
I await to see more work.


This is supposed to be a huge space city …


Test render of the space coloney. No textures yet.


Adding transporters to the scene …


Adding fighters to the scene …


Adding a simple sphere for a background planet … and here we go.
Seeking suggestion: Do I have enough objects in the scene? (I kinda think too much more objects in the scene would rather turn the scene “gaudy.”) Do I better proceed to textures, or need to design more spacecrafts?


I find your scene more or less filled with odjects (some could be added later on - not important).
Anyway you can reach more detalisation texturing the city.
Actually I’d add colorfull “natural space drawings” (fogs, star glows ect.) as they can give great feeling of depth and good eye-candies.
Also cretion of complicated atmosphere can improve greatly.
And one thing about geometry: sphere has not enough polygons (but i think it’s temporary).
Overall - very epic composition

my Space Opera page>>


Thank you for your suggestion, Deryk. I guess I’d better proceed to the texturing mildstone, then.
Looking at your rendering, I noticed that you have an unusual mastery over textures–and an ability to tell a story in a single shot of picture.


Towers in the city almost completed with bump/color/“lighting” maps. The circular base of the city is complete just with a bump map. All the others are just temporary. (The big transporters has the city’s bump map. I’m getting L-A-Z-Y.)


One thing that would help in your image is variety in geometry. For the city, your could have some different height towers and such. Some tall and thin, others short and fat.



Appreciate your suggestion. I’ll try that.


A little improvement with the bump map in the city’s circular base … and adding an extra set of towers in the city following the suggestion of “Vrf.”) The textures for the transporters and the small spacecrafts and the “earth” still pending …


The texture for the buildings in the space city.


“Light” map for the buildings


A preview of the “basic” model of the towers …


A Rendering of the “dupliverted” buildings …


The texture for the circular base of the city …


A preview of the texture …