Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Geoffrey White


Heres my final image


Hey man,

Browsing through the finished images this one definately required closer inspection. I think you’ve done a great job and created a really atmospheric image.

I have to point one thing out though (and you are going to hate this, so apologies in advance).You’ve made a pretty big grammatical error in the title. I’m assumming that you mean to say ‘They are coming for you’ therefore you should abbreviate ‘they are’ to they’re and not ‘there’.

It’s probably no big deal but it’s a shame to divert attention from a quality piece of work with a spelling mistake. Dunno if you’ll get the chance to change it (there was a limited tweaking period available at the end of the last competition, but i’m not sure if there will be one this time around).

Nevertheless, good work and good luck.


hey nice invasion and i hope that they don’t coming for me.
good look:scream:


Hey Geoffry,

Your image is very nice, I think the composition of objects in the scene work very well. My first thought was that that the aliens were too rigid. But your Title sort of makes the image work.
Good job and good luck .


Congratulations on a great final piece. I love the effect of most of the lighting coming off the lasers. Great work and good luck! :thumbsup: Claireabella


Well I found out that my image was only at 72 dpi so I upped the resolution. Also added a little more color hope everyone likes it. It’s been an honor to be in this competition. Thanks for the support everyone.


You mean, you upsampled your original image?


Congrats on finishing. I agree the the colors make it a stronger image. I’d get rid of the text pasted on the image, though. Looks a bit tacky. But, if you decide to leave it, you really should spell the words correctly. I know this was mentioned already, but I can’t believe you’ve chosen to ignore that advice. Of course, it may be too late now.

Nice work overall, though!


My congratulaitons! great entry, with an unique mood and spirit. Great improvements made from the first version. I only would prefere that they came for me with some space beer:)


Hey everyone thanks for the advice. Just so everyone knows I realize that I made a gramatical error in the title on the bottom. I worked all christmas break on it for a total of 200 hours, so you will have to forgive me for making that mistake I was half asleep when I did it :). Once I realized what I had done it was to late to submit any new updates. Also I agree with vrf on the wording below not looking so good. The problem I dealt with in deciding to put wording on the bottom of the picture was I wanted something to explain the scene a little without forcing people to read my whole long drawn out story. In the end I liked the wording but I didn’t like the fonts I had to pick from for the caption. I tried to pick the one that was the least intrusive, but I still don’t feel that it serves the image best. If I had more time for the contest I definately would have fixed the caption to make it look a little more professional. Also to artisticvisions you were wondering if I upsampled my image, and since I’m rather new to printing my work out and how dpi works. All I can tell you is I looked through Maya to try and find the setting to increase the dpi and I couldn’t find one, I then looked through my Maya book and I couldn’t find anything in there about increasing the dpi either. After that I looked through photoshop and I created a new file with dpi set to 300 and copied the image into that file. I don’t know if thats what I was supposed to do but I"m taking a digital art class this semester so hopefully I’ll learn in there. To any judges, If that isn’t what I was supposed to do please email me and tell me how to increase the dpi and I’ll send you a new image. Thanks again everyone for the suggestions and the support If anyone has any other ideas on how I could have done better please tell me I greatly appreciate your input. Thanks again everyone.


Ok, what was the ppi (pixels per inch) and the resolution for both the original and the 300 “dpi” version? (BTW, dpi stands for “dots per inch” and is actually a printing term; however, a lot of people interchange the two terms when using PS, for some reason)

Did you cut and paste the images of the original into the new file or did you go to Image, Image Size and increased the resolution from 72 to 300? (I’m assuming that it was 72 originally since most, in not all, 3D apps. render at this resolution)

After I now these things, I can better help you understand them. :slight_smile:


Well I’m not at my house today where I have the original image, but I do know that after it rendered it I photoshoped it by using mostly the brush tool, and after I got done I saved it as a new image which was 72 dpi. I went into image size and tried to increase the resolution but the option was not available. So then what I did was create a new image and I set it’s resolution to 300 pixals per inch. Also just so you know the render size was 3636 pixals wide and about half that size tall, I don’t know exactly since I’m not at home right now if you need more information I’ll be there tomorrow .



your entry really turned out well… good job! I really like the mist and depth it creates

good luck


very good ideea for the final illumination, I like that “night attack”.good luck


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