Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Geoffrey White


This is the initial model for the dropship. Tommarow I’m going to add some small machinery detail and a texture map.


Hi Geoffrey. So little time left… we all seem to be adapting our original ideas to fit how much we have to do to try and achieve them! Your modeling is great and I really like the lighting effects you have got so far. Good story line too! Good luck in getting it completed. :thumbsup: Claireabella


Well I got more texturing and modeling done on the dropship. Tomarow I’m going to try and completely finish it, though we all know how hard it is to stick with our schedules.


Well I did a lot more work on this dropship today. I feel like its missing something but I’m not sure what. Hopefully I’ll figure out what when I work on it tommarow.


Infact it seems not much original but both strong and detailed design work. Congartulations.
And what about adding some more color over the scene?
You must think of that.

And if you have time please look at my page. I need comments.


I added some color to the ship and a little light on the side I think it improved the look a little.


I did a little presentation work on the dropship to show it off a little better.


Heres the real image


Heres a composition test with the new dropship model, I feel a little disopointed with the piece as a whole, I think I’m going to redew the scene and try to get a little better composition. Any comments or suggestions would be well appreciated. Thanks


Hi Geoffrey!

Actualy its quite nice (the whole scene i mean).
Just add some variations to the horizon line, something like a denser amd closer fog or smth, just not the straight line :slight_smile:


In general your composition looks pretty good, it has mood and atmosphere, a sort of mystery.
But I as a spectator I’d like to get more feelings - soldiers are approaching me… Maybe I should be afraid of them. But there still not enough movement. They are too calm, too relaxed. As a soldiers they need to move faster, look in every directions searching an enemy while others still jumping out the ship. Guy in left is shooting but as for me he doesn’t feel anything. Instead his pose should express something like “die you m#%^fu**r, aaargh!”
Maybe also camera can be moved closer to the ground (for example, I have fallen, I’m afraid and I don’t feel legs…)

Continue in that graphic style!

my Space Opera page>>


Hey guys/gals thanks for the suggestions, It really helps me when I get second opinions from people. I’ve been looking at the picture throughout the day and I think what it’s missing is something to make it more grand more cosmic. I need the viewer to feel like they are looking through a window into another world and to really believe in that world. The first thing I plan to do is make some people in the backround the soldiers are fighting. Their faces and expressions will be visable. To increase the sense of scale I will put a city in the backround which is being attacked, and some huge structures that seem massive. Also on the moon I’m going to add lights on the dark side representing cities. Lastly I think I’m going to reformat the frame and make it vertical instead of horizontal, that way the viewer will be able to see all that is going on in space like planets and space battles.


i love the ship… what can i say. maybe you should put the chars in a more dramatic pose. keep it up


Nice image, def with a Star Wars influence. The only thing is they all look so stiff and lifeless, and most with too similar of a pose. Can’t bend…armor …too …thick… :)jk


I spent most of today posing the character in more dramatic poses. I also added in some colonist who are being attacked by the Genetically Enhanced Soldiers. Sorry the image is so small, I’ve been rendering all this time on a laptop computer, and it 's starting to reach it’s limits. To render that small picture took 30 minates!
Normally I wouldn’t photoshop it so much but if I didn’t it would take forever to get the lighting just right. Maybe one of my friends with an uber computer will let me use their’s for a few days. Any ways thanks for the suggestions I really appreciate them. If anyone has any more Ideas I could really use them. At this point I don’t really know what else to do except clean up the texture maps a little, and mostly minor stuff. I still feel disapointed in the picture as a whole, it’s been getting better, but I still feel like it just needs somthing else in the composition. Thanks for the help everyone.


I decided to put a lone pic of the scene in so it would be easier to look at for comparison sake.


hey nice picture you have un this ecene…but who aer they attacing?


Heres a bigger version of the picture I was working with.


Well Heres my final Image, I\'m glad to be done after all this time. I added up the amount of time spent on this and it ended up being around 200 hours. I wish I could have gotten the models a little cleaner but I just ran out of time, after a little break I\'m going to go back to my soldier/human models and rework them to be higher quality. Even though the competitions over I still want to get better so I\'m not going to quit. Once I get the quality where I want I\'m going to make a female model as well. My intention is to make all the models and make a picture using them that will show off the larger project I\'m working on which is to make an animation that will be a grand space opera. The picture I have now doesn\'t show my grand space opera off like I want. My original intention was to show all the main characters in this one picture that would in one image sum up my concept. Unfortinatly my idea still needs several months before it will be where I want it to be. I\'ve enjoyed working on this contest and I appreciate all the critics I\'ve recieved from everyone. I intend to remain am active member of this community because it has really helped me see ways I can improve my art.

For anyone wanting to know what my story was here is a paste for earlier.

Time for a little backstory, this story takes place in the future, in the after math of a massive war between the human race and an advanced alien race who used mind control as a devestating weapon on man kind. We couldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t even fight them because as soon as a battle would start our soldiers would be mind controled into attacking each other, and each battle ended in disaster. To save the human race a desperate plan was hatched. To destroy the gates that connected us to the human colonies which were under attack by the aliens. After this the war was over but it was calculated that the aliens would reach human space in fifty years. In the time period when my story takes place man kind is getting ready for the next inevitable war. It is believed that if we could resist the alien mind control attacks we would be able to fight them on even terms and eventually wipe them out of existance. When our scientists try to find a way to make normal humans resist mind control they find that it is impossible. So they choose to genetically alter the human genome to make a new breed of humans who are immune to mind control. They also enhance many other aspects of these humans to make them smarter, stronger and faster. They then get the name super humans. After the super humans are created two factions emerge one who wants to keep our genome the same and use technology like robotic suits to fight the aliens with. And the other which wants to breed the ultimate soldier and kill all normal humans who will still be alive when the aliens come . When my story starts it takes place in the time period right before the war errupts between the two factions. The main character of the story is a young boy who is on the side of the regular humans, and who mysteriously has the ability to mind control his enemies. He doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t know it but he was a top secret experiment from the super humans who was intended to be the apex in genetic enhancement experiments. He was intented to be the commander of the super humans but he was lost at birth and was raised by normal humans, he is also the only super human who has mind control ability. The antagonist of this story is the current commander of the super humans. He discovers the protagonist of the story and tricks him into using his mind control ability on the normal human capital planet. The protagonist causes the workers to make one of the antimater reacters on the planet to go critical. The entire planet is destroyed along with it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s sourounding fleet. The protagonist feels guilt for what he has inadvertintly done and the rest of the story is about him seeking revenge on the antagonist, the war between the super humans and the normal humans, the main character growing up and changing from a weak person to the ultimate warrior, and about the end of war.

My picture was originally going to show the protagonist about to fight the antagonist where they would be surounded by super human soldiers. I came to the conclusion that I would never be able to model all the characters in time so I decided to narrow the scope of the picture to only focus on the super human soldiers. My scene will basically show the super human soldiers attacking a normal human colony in the opening battle of the war.


heres my lighting wip