Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Geoffrey White


Geoffrey White has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: This is my final image really!

Well I found out that my image was only at 72 dpi so I upped the resolution. Also added a little more color hope everyone likes it. It’s been an honor to be in this competition. Thanks for the support everyone.


I’m just getting started, this is a really basic male body picture. In the next few posts I will add more detail. I plan to make three different male models. One will be a soldier the other two will be the protagonist and the antagonist of my story. If I have time I will model a space ship as well. I haven’t decided on what the exact composition of my picture will be, but once I get a few models done I will figure it out.


I just spent today modeling the hands. There a little fat in the fingers, but I’ll fix it eventually.


I applied a smoothing operation to the body, and created a basic head.


cool man, whatcha got goin for a concept?

good luck n happy modellng



Well I put more detail into the face and head.


I’m thinking of having a futuristic fight scene between two characters, who will be surrounded by futuristic soldiers. The soldiers will be genetically enhanced humans who are stronger than normal humans. The Protagonist in the scene is about to fight the leader of the genetically enhanced humans and the picture will depict the moment right before the fight. The setting for the fight will be in some sort of futuristic hanger with spaceships in the backround. In the backround I plan to have a combination of rock and earthern elements combined with futuristic buildings and structures. I want the tone of the scene to be very ominous. The fight between the Protagonist and Antagonist will be fought with vibroblades, which each character will be holding. I want to make this scene be the equivilent of Luke Skywalker about to fight Darth Vader.


More face detail.


Well I spent this afternoon working on the ears and on futher refinements to the body. The biggist thing I got done was making a good texture map for the eyes.


I added a basic texture map to his face using cylindrical mapping, and I played around with the proportions in his face a little. Now he just looks a little weird to me. Since he now has color I will also have to work with the lighting a little to get it to look good. Also added some basic cloths to his body.


I love the eyes on this guy. They really stand out. The clothing also has a nice textured feel to it. Very nice start. I look forward to more.


Thanks for the support, I like how his eyes are coming too, he still needs lots of proportional work on his face though. Good luck on the challange.


More proportional work done on the face, hopefully soon I’ll get his face right and then I can get to putting more detail into his body.


Today I got a lot of work done. I got his face mostly right now and I spent some time texturing him. Also applied bump maps.


Well I’ve been on vacation for the past week, wothout internet access. I got a lot of work done on the soldiers armor, in both tesxture mapping and modeling. All I have to do is finish the helmot I’m working on and he will be done.


I finally finished his helmet and added bones. All that I have to do to the soldier model is make a gun.


After spending a long time working on the soldier model, I decided to narrow the scope of my picture, because there was no way I would be able to finish it. Originally I was going to have a scene where my protagonist is about to face off against his arch enemy, and they would be surounded by soldiers. Also I wanted to have dropships in the backround and some of the supporting charactera of my space opera in the scene. Since to do this I would need at least another month, I’m narrowing the scope of the scene to focus more on the soldiers and their dropships. This is a rendering and composition test. Ill give more info on my story soon.


Great updates. Coming along nicely. Keep at it. Happy New Year!


Thanks for the encouragement, good luck on the project.


This is a concept sketch for the dropships in the backround.

 Time for a little backstory, this story takes place in the future, in the after math of a massive war between the human race and an advanced alien race who used mind control as a devestating weapon on man kind.  We couldn\\\\\\\'t even fight them because as soon as a battle would start our soldiers would be mind controled into attacking each other, and each battle ended in disaster.  To save the human race a desperate plan was hatched.  To destroy the gates that connected us to the human colonies which were under attack by the aliens.  After this the war was over but it was calculated that the aliens would reach human space in fifty years.  In the time period when my story takes place man kind is getting ready for the next inevitable war.  It is believed that if we could resist the alien mind control attacks we would be able to fight them on even terms and eventually wipe them out of existance.  When our scientists try to find a way to make normal humans resist mind control they find that it is impossible.  So they choose to genetically alter the human genome to make a new breed of humans who are immune to mind control.  They also enhance many other aspects of these humans to make them smarter, stronger and faster.  They then get the name super humans.  After the super humans are created two factions emerge one who wants to keep our genome the same and use technology like robotic suits to fight the aliens with. And the other which wants to breed the ultimate soldier and kill all normal humans who will still be alive when the aliens come .  When my story starts it takes place in the time period right before the war errupts between the two factions.  The main character of the story is a young boy who is on the side of the regular humans, and who mysteriously has the ability to mind control his enemies.  He doesn\\\\\\\'t know it but he was a top secret experiment from the super humans who was intended to be the apex in genetic enhancement experiments.  He was intented to be the commander of the super humans but he was lost at birth and was raised by normal humans, he is also the only super human who has mind control ability.  The antagonist of this story is the current commander of the super humans.  He discovers the protagonist of the story and tricks him into using his mind control ability on the normal human capital planet.  The protagonist causes the workers to make one of the antimater reacters on the planet to go critical.  The entire planet is destroyed along with it\\\\\\\'s sourounding fleet.  The protagonist feels guilt for what he has inadvertintly done and the rest of the story is about him seeking revenge on the antagonist, the war between the super humans and the normal humans,  the main character growing up and changing from a weak person to the ultimate warrior, and about the end of war.  

My picture was originally going to show the protagonist about to fight the antagonist where they would be surounded by super human soldiers. I came to the conclusion that I would never be able to model all the characters in time so I decided to narrow the scope of the picture to only focus on the super human soldiers. My scene will basically show the super humans attacking a normal human colony and killing normal humans.