Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gary Picton


Can Anybody tell me why my enrty shows up as usual but other entrants show up in a voting poll format?


Maybe they dont allow you to vote for yourself so the page looks like the normal entry page. I think i saw your entry up for voting when i voted.


maybe u browsed the view entries section, which isn’t the same as the voting section?

To me both your and my own entry were up for voting…


Thanks Sqibbit, I just thought I had forgotten to do something i was supposed to. Got that OHHHH NOOOOO feeling you know the one :eek: :scream: :smiley: :sad: !

Anyway yeah some threads I visit have the regular layout and others have the vote layout. just got me all confused. But I found the right page finaly and it seems everything is ok. There is a few entrys there I didn’t even see before! Bummer! Oh how it sucks to be on dail up! I don’t know about you guys out there but I can grow a beard waiting for pages to load.:twisted: Has anyone seen that AD where a guy is sitting in front of the computer and the computer is not responding? He starts with a tap to the computer then a knock then a servere beating with the keyboard? Yeah you know how that feels eh!. I live in the boonies and you can’t get broadband here? I got excited when I saw an AD on tv for whoosh! wireless broadband! yaay! I checkout the website to see how much they demand to supply the connection and get informed that my area has no coverage! But I can sign a partition to request sevice for my area! Cool! Now all I need to do is talk all the cows and sheep around here into loging onto that site and doing the same so I can try and maintain some level of sanity. I might have to leave the shire one of these days?
Well i’m off to shave my toes.



yea I remember the dial modem days…urghshuddeR

luckily been having cable for a few years now…

just have pen and paper ready and u can draw some sketches while the pages load… :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: mmmmmmmmmmm


Yeah Squibbit, I have my pencils handy! Which makes me think i should take my sketch work to my buddies place and scan them and add them to my web site. I have been concentrating hard out on 3d stuff lately. I’m kinda looking forward to doing some concept stuff. I just had a look at your 2d work. Nice work man you got da skills bro. What do you like best 2 or 3d?. That’s a tough one for me I love them both.

I spent many years with pens and pencils drawing pictures only as a hobbie. I have learned to use a computer over the past year and love it now. But still lots to learn and I don’t think that will ever change with the constant development of new software and ideas.

Nice to meet you sqib l8r dude!


I like both 2D and 3D too… so much yet to learn in both fields, but the more
i learn the more i like and there’s not many better places to learn than in these
cgtalk competitions…even if i didn’t learn a thing it would still be lots and lots of fun :slight_smile:


Yeah this is my first CGNetworks competition, and I have really enjoyed taking part in it.I think I will make it a regular part of my diet from now on.

It’s been an awsome way to learn new things! Jump off the cliff then learn to fly! :bounce:


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