Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gary Picton


This is what i have so far.I know time is short now so i will attempt to brush things up some. Any comments would be appreciated.I’m on dial up so surfing around this site is PAINFULLY SLOW!!! but some of the other entries i have seen are so awsome! and make me wonder if my entry is worthy???

I have learned a few things during the process here and one of the big things i have learned is you need a really good computer if you are going to get anything done on time.And also Photoshop can do some really awsome things.I am going to devote some serious time to getting more knowledgeable about this app as i can see it will be well worth the time.
If only this kind of work could earn one a living! It seems that all any prospective employers want to see is detergent bottles or cute little puppys.
Well thats the game i guess unless your one of the fortunate few!

Big up! Respect! East Staines Massive.


Just going nuts finishing things up. Will post final image soon.Must hurry going to a birthday party whoo hoo!


Well this is my final image here.I have fudged around with levels and colour and thought this looked better than the previous version.More yellow as opposed to red/blue. Also decided to add more bots as suggested i think it works quite well.Good Idea Thanks! Just adds a bit more of the “Oh I just pooed my pants factor”

Well good luck to all! I have had fun participating in this challange and look forward to future challanges!

Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as much as i did and hopefully learned a thing or two during the process.

Thanks a bunch to the CG Networks crew for hosting yet another awsome challange!!!

Kind Regards
Gary Picton
Black Dragon


Very cool robots man…look like they could prefom quite an impressive fight scene…maybe animation in the future… :wink: …good looking composition and the last image looks very nice… :thumbsup:


Thanks for the kind comments! I just uploaded the .zip file containing the .tiff everything went smooth so i hope every thing is fine!

Do we get a confirmation? THAT IT’S THERE?

Anyway i would just like to say that my submission is the best size i can manage on my machine so i hope it’s ok at 1024x768.

Big Up to all! And gooood luck!



Hey all :bounce: for those of you interested I just posted the full res version of this entry on my site.>>>>:D <<<< I don’t know about that last smiley he looks more like a fart than a grin? there is still some compression on the image so i could upload it to the server. Bummer ! when i can i will get some better service.

Here’s a link to the gallery page.

I have been trying to get around the forum and comment on as many works as possible but my :scream: slow as :rolleyes: dialup connection will only let me do so much :twisted:

I’ve got some things I must do now but will look around later l8r gang!


Cool Robots!


cool final…very warsome…very frightful…your robots look great, man…:thumbsup:

thanx for your nice comment in my thread… :slight_smile:

good luck for voting, dude:bounce:


u made nice modeling here!..and is a compo full of action! …nice entry man!


Thanx Rattlesnake!
Cheers Saschi0815!
Right on Climax
Thanx essencedesign
Thanks for the comments kotsos
Sweet as quadzillar
Thank you artemesia66
Cheers monsitj your english if fine don’t worry!
Thanks Kevman3D
Cheers Arturro
Thanks SNows
Cheers Jamacsween
Cheers Arsa
cheers Rashaverak
Thanks fo the advice VRhead
cheers Ace4016
Thank you all very much for the encouragement it is very much appreciated.
We are all a part of the brotherhood of the challange and look forward to communicating with you all further at any time! :buttrock:

I look forward to future challanges and will constantly check out the forums here.



very great this piece.
I like it.
good LOOK…


Nice looking robots, glad you finished your entry. Reminds me of terminator kind of.


sumawut sookvamdee I’m glad you like it I spent heaps of time on it and learned quite abit in the process Thanks for your kind comment! :bounce:

Cheers Ace! Yeah it took some doing but i managed to get this far with it! So i hope i can get somewhere with it. Finger crossed he he. L8r dude:buttrock:


Hi Gary. Your picture is full of violence and threat… you have achieved showing that really well. Congratulations on completing this challenge and will look forward to seeing you at the next one! Good luck. :applause: Claireabella


Yap, the most brutal entry:) bu tthese are needed also. The face of teh robot greatly emphasizes the feelings. My congratulations and best wishes! Good luck


Hi Claireabella.

Thanks for your comments! And i too look forward to seeing you here in the next challange it has been alot of fun as well as work but now it’s all just fun!

Yeah that was what i was hoping to achive here.This scene is of the last human on this planet being beheaded after a huge assult on the entire planet.
Hords of cyborg warriors swarm the planet in search of any possible survivors and dismember them.
Well equiped with thermo and sonic detection systems nothing escapes the invaders grip as they swiftly irradicate the planet of all human life.
Keeping parts of the humans they are instructed to keep such as the head with the brain in good condition to be used in their development of dispencible slave cyborgs.

Do they stay on earth? No one from this planet will ever know but one thing is sure.



Nice modeling.
I suggest to use HDRI for the robots reflection in future. And what about some glow? It wont harm the image.:scream:

Great work:bounce:


Wow, … what a apocalyptical image Gary.
Having this devastated background to your characters, indeed they are really fearful and bloodcurdling. Cool character. :thumbsup:
And really nice modeling you have there.
Congrats Gary and, Good Luck mate !! :applause: :applause:


Very vivid and dangerous seting gary.Well done,And congrats on finishing.nice job and I wish you the best in your future works as well…:arteest:


Thanks guys! :thumbsup:

Your kind words and encouragement are very much appreaciated! Thankyou.