Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gary Picton


Hi there,

Nice modelling but would agree on the comment regarding the head detailing. It doesn’t come up to the same std as the legs for example.

But otherwise, looking good. Keep it up my friend.



:wavey: very interesting concept. Very nice modeling indeed. I have a problem with the head though. I don’t like that the body, legs are really detailed and then you look at the head and it is like simple… also I think you could add some plugs and cables, to demonstrate oil, or some sort of lubricant sirculation, regarding the mech part of the organism. Well fair enought I guess… lol!

- cheers l8r!


Superb modeling and texturing on that borg. That thing looks mean. Not much to crit on looks to good for now. I can’t wait to see more updates.


nice modelling! im waiting for the piramid-shaped ships, i wanna see them detailed :slight_smile: !



I Have been helping a family member out with his site and haven’t had much time to myself this week. But im just about to breakout that barrell of midnight oil and start burning it!:bounce:

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yea time is always against yea… just dont smoke next to the midnight oil…

great modeling so far


The alien guy looks great, cant wait to see more updates


Just a test here for lighting. still have more to do to this scene. Just been very busy and thought i’d better post my progress so far! crits welcome.


Hello all, I have been busy all night working on this trying to not get to far behind. Renders have been taking a while to eventuate. This is the basic set up so far still a few details to be added. Crits welcome


hi man,

i saw your post on my thread so i popped in
cool stuff

some crits:

i agree with arturo, change the pose so that he looks at us and maybe put some more robots in the scene(it’will feel like there is more space)

you could also make him the leader of an army of robots. for render-time: just render them seperately with an aproximation of the lighting and composite them in photoshop.

that’s what i feel

thanx for reading me(as opposed to listening to me)


see ya


Hey Kotsos, Yeah i have spent quite a bit of time rigging this guy so i can pose him effectivly so i had better try some different poses. arturro suggested the ninja pose from the last samurai. I have looked into it! it’s just my concept was to have him retreating from a body he had just severed the head from.Maybe some modifications are in order to give this scene some more action/motion. yeah i think more bots would intensify it more. I’ll try a few variations and post them.

Cheers Dude!


Looking good! :slight_smile:

I’d agree with everybody on some pose work - I’d also add in there some better composition too. I think you’ll want to adjust your camera to get a more dynamic shot… Perhaps lower to ground and looking up at the robot to give him a more menacing persona? (maybe even a little bit of a dutch angle?).

Dunno - Just a thought, but I’d have a play with the camera (and pose) and see what you can do…

Otherwise keep at it… Love to see your final result! :slight_smile:


Cheers kev good advise as usuall I will give the pose and angles a try and see what I can come up with.:bounce: I’m on it!!!


Just made a few changes here i’m hoping to get some more done on this
tonight. It’s going to be a late one! I will try adding some more bot’s need to figure out the pose for those guys and i think i will make them have different weapons.I’m not too sure about the body of his victim it dosn’t really fit that well or look that good so i took it out for now.


your modeling is nice! i notice that the latest version , the robot seems to look to camera , like he know ,just like protrait , i don’t know how to explain my eng is suck, so , maybe u can find the dynamic post ,
good luck


That’s a great looking mech, and your black metal shaderrocks. :thumbsup: I think i liked the more apocalyptic environments in your previous posts better, though. With the mech being the main focus of your pic, maybe think about making him more dramatic: eg. have him coming more at the viewer, breaking frame, and moving the camera down, looking up, so that he seems bigger and more threatening. Great work, keep it coming!


looking good gazza, getting there.
hows your sleep/work ratio? lol


Hey Quadzilla! yeah the old sleep deprivation trick eh! Foiled with a power nap and a glass of just juice bubbles! Look out i’m back! turn on the sounds check! clear some elbow room check! Put some pants on…oo theres the trick knee!.. Check! Ok Ready go!!

And cheers for the comments all it helps to keep one from derailing at 3:00 am.


This is where i got to tonight well this morning. boy i’m pooped :0)


good job

are you working on using more of them?

see ya