Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Gary Picton


Gary Picton has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: The Last One

Well this is my final image here.I have fudged around with levels and colour and thought this looked better than the previous version.More yellow as opposed to red/blue. Also decided to add more bots as suggested i think it works quite well.Good Idea Thanks! Just adds a bit more of the “Oh I just pooed my pants factor”

Well good luck to all! I have had fun participating in this challange and look forward to future challanges!

Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as much as i did and hopefully learned a thing or two during the process.

Thanks a bunch to the CG Networks crew for hosting yet another awsome challange!!!

Kind Regards
Gary Picton
Black Dragon


Hello All Just a rough out of the lower section of one of the bad guys here.

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This is where the model started.

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Some progress here…

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A bit of a closer look at the jet packs.

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Just some different angles.

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The arms are starting to take shape here.

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This one shows some detail emerging on the chest plate and shoulder area.

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I did this lastnight. It shows a tad more detail to the arms with the hands roughed out and the legs are starting to evolve. Got lots to do yet better get busy eh!

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Wow! sceary guy… I woudn’t be the forst one to fight with him:) Very good modeling! I can only advice to be careful while texturing this guy, to avoid some similarities to the terminators.


The legs have taken shape. A few more details to come yet just want to get the bulk of the work finished,then i’ll go back and tweek it.

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More detail added to the leg here and surfacing started. Now all i need to do is model the universe some spaceships and about 100,000 extra’s he he he.
No really my concept is quite simple. odd but simple :0)

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The legs’ shader looks awsome! very realistic! Can you tell us some tips for doing it? The only thing which I don’t like are the light outlines on his feet, it’s probably to high specularity there…? but nevertheless the progress is very promising. Keep it up:thumbsup:


oh, yes, nice progress. The legs are very interesting, a mix of organic and industrial more mechanical looking shapes; very cool.


Man, this is really looking like some nice work Gary!

One comment I may make would be that I would almost expect the head to have some kind of mechanical jaw setup, rather then a ‘bone’ look? Sorta that Terminator exoskeleton thing, but then that’s just me… :slight_smile:

Otherwise I can’t wait to see the whole character - Then I may have some more critique to make cause its hard to tell just from bits… Though I really love those legs! Also, like your jetpack too…

Great stuff! Good luck!


Thanks for the kind words all :thumbsup:

arturro! Hi dude well there is no secret method here bro is’t just the result of many hours of test renders, lighting changes and surface adjustments! Iv’e just been putting in heaps of hours on this project i guess i need to upgrade my equiptment so things don’t take so long to eventuate! Maybe when i score that primo job i’ll do just that and really crank out some good stuff! Cheers dude:bounce:

SNoWs Hi Cheers for the comments dude they are mucho appreciated :slight_smile:

kevman3d Thank’s Kevman! Well i have thought about the jaw quite abit and am in the state of mind that i don’t want this guy to resemble the terminator. I was trying to get a caracter with a more individual kinda persona as opposed to a mass produced battle droid. I was thinking of a battle ready mechanical body controled by an organic CPU or Brain/head. I have started a face gaurd but i’m not sure about it yet.

Thanks again rock on Dude!!! :thumbsup:


Just realised that i haven’t posted a link to my site on this WIP!

So Here It is:

Been working on the site trying to get it pumped up a bit.Also starting a CG Site Stay tuned for the updates! :bounce:


This is my Idea. A BioMech alien force arrives at earth with a mission to obtain power from ancient sources unknown to man. The total Annihilation of mankind is swift and calculated.The alien race see us as a source of genetic samples for reconstruction.


Hi there! the composition is great, but I don’t like the pose of the alien. Have you seen “the Last Samurai” with Tom Cruise? I would advice to make this pose quite similar to the samurai that has jus cut head of some guy. In this movie it’s hsown very good. The legs are widely spread, low(bended), the body is aslo bended in a great way… It’s hard to describe by words… but I hope you get what I mean.

Good luck!


Hey arturro! Yeah the pose is not represented here very well. Thanks for the advice i’ll see what i can find out.I need to bring more action into this scene.