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Freerk Lap has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: New Ship Model

A new sketch.
I’am planning a new concept…stay tuned



This is my mothership, i still have to come up with a name, but thats a concern for later.

I’am not realy a man of drawing with pen and paper, i just create what i have in my mind, see if it suits well, and if it doesn’t, I remove 2 hours of work with one hit on “delete”.
But i don’t see that as a problem, as i enjoy creating new models and messing around with textures.

As i said, this is the mothership, now, iam not gonna tell anything about the story yet, but lets just say that you can start thinking what it could be, when i say this ship can hold over 50 billion people.

Thnx for watching


Ok, as i said, i don’t like to scetch, but i happen to have a wacom, so i might use it as well :smiley:

Here’s my first, very failed scetch of the mothership.



Hey, ik denk, laat ik ook eens bij jouw aankloppen :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking cool, what type of model is that main hull part?
NURBS or Splinecage, or a Subdivision surface?

I sense an EPIC battle coming!

Good luck on this one :up:


dankje dat je ff langs stopt,

I’ve made it without all those tough word thingys…hehe, iam kinda new, so i dont know all those things yet :o)

Its done in Bryce.



nice modelling, although i’d work a bit on the texturing part. still, cool ship, looking forward to hte full scene :slight_smile:


Heya eclisoid, thnx for your suggestion bout the texture:scream:.

  • Freerk


What he meant, see that area in front of the wheel, where the texture kinda overlaps? Or on the front rim, where one red area is bigger than the other? In other words, it’s not regular, like it oughta be with a human ship.

Also, if it will be the space night in the image, you might want a lighter texture, so the ship stands out.


You’re using parametric mapping. These shift sizes to fit the same on every individual poly of your model. If you use world mapping the texture stays the same size on every poly. (you could also use parametric scaled). What this buys for you is if you have a feature like a window it will be the same size throughout your model. It won’t be 100 feet across on your hull and 1 foot on your spokes.
There are some great masters of texturing. The first that comes to mind is Rochr. check out his great tutorials at


thnx for those useful suggestions electro! thnx very much, and yes, Rochr is very good, he was actualy the reason i got bryce :smiley:
his art is the best i’ve seen yet!



Goh, nog een Nederlander.

As for Rochr, we all are happy to stand in his shadow :bowdown:


hehe Robertj :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey electro, i used parametric scaled, as World messes up the textures, its all splashed over the hull, but now i got the problem of textures fading away, some red colours look more pink now. Any way i can fix this? i’d be happy 2 know



I’am gonna change the mesh of the ship…i’am not happy with it anymore.
Maybe some idea’s what you would like to see?

I wanna have something original, something that can hold a planet full of people and has big engines…

I already made a bridge, but i still gotta tweak it.



i agree with a couple of people that the textures need work. also where in the scene will this be? because you may want to do more with the model itself.


Its gonna be in the sol system, leaving earth behind, all people from the planet are on that ship… might give you an idea


May be you can add some glass spheres with some leafy areas for the people and also some safe shuttles for emergency exit.


Like some sort of park hm? thats a nice idea.
the escape pods…yea thought of that as well, this ship was still a WIP, only messing with the hull at this point, but i guess i could add your suggestiosna s well!




Cool. 50 billions? Whoa, that’s HUGE.

So, my suggestion is to be really aware of the sense of scale, because it will be the real punch.

I like the model a lot. Texturing… I agree with others.



hey ziet er nice uit man keep it up

i don’t know anything about bryce but i looks nice,
and about the textures try to make parts stand out more than others, now it
all just looks a bit the same in my opinion (english ?? :hmm: )

but a nice start keep it up :thumbsup:
ga zo door hup holland hup :stuck_out_tongue:


ik zie dat nederland weer in overmate vertegenwoordigt is in cgtalk contest :wink: