Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Frederic DUBOIS


Frederic DUBOIS has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


Main idea about my challenge. SpaceShip are not in definitive version.


… the City that is going to be invaded is built on ruins of another more Ancient City with no technology. The

actual Advanced Civiliation has destroyed most buildings inside the dome of protection but there are still relic

of the older civilisation that is now enslaved. It’s a kind of Gargoyle whose role was to protect the city from

invasions and to afraid in old belief. This Gargoyle will be between the gate and the dome of protection.


… end of modelisation of the gargoyle …


smooth version …


… smooth version 2 …


I like your gargoyle.
Your picture will be in a cartonn style?


I like the feel of it so far. No crits, just keep up the good work!



Thanks. Well i don’t think i’ll do a cartoon style, but with a realistic texture with bump mapping i think it could be nice …


Good starting my friend Fred… I think like Disciplus that your gargoyle seem a little bit too cartoon… especially because the smoothing I think… the forms are too sweet… not like stone tailled… but, maybe with a adequat texture of stone, and if this gargoyle will not viewing in close-up, it will be good…

En attendant la suite, bon courage à toi mec :bounce:


… thanks for the comments … then if it’s too cartoon i think i’ll use zbrush to break this idea without spending too many time on that … i’m actually modelising another object and when i’ll finish it i will go back to the Gargoyle to see what i can do …


very very nice dragon:)


Very cool design on the city, nice lines and layers. Also liking the look of the ship (?) on the right of your original concept sketch a nice blend of organic and non. Some good clean modeling on the gargoyle as well, not to good at characters myself so i admire a clean model like this one. Let’s see some more!



Marrant, mais je ne comprends pas trop l’intervention du gargouille ?


the beginning of the modelisation of the head of one of my Warrior …


@Centavrus @Dayvbrown : Thanks friends !

@Gpepper : Ce sont les restes d’une ancienne civilisation, en fait l’importance est relativement minime mais c’est pour m’aider a placer la camera car j’ai pas décidé de sa position finale…
It’s ruins of an old civilisation, the Gargoyle hasn’t got a very important place in my picture but it’s to position correctly my camera as i haven’t decided yet it’s final position …


a little update of the head … added the ears …


… oups just see that pictures 3 and 4 of my “ear post” are not in the good order … sorry …


No update? Wake up Fred :slight_smile:


Ben oui, fais pas comme moi, ne t’endors pas… :wise: Keep it up man :bounce: