Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Fred Bastide


I see you entry only now… (better that never…) and :eek: really interesting concept. First modelling space-ship is really goodlooking and the design that you use is really accurate. :applause:


ca part vraiment bien tout ca texx :thumbsup:
curieux de voir le resultat final le projet a l’air assez enorme

bonne chance a toi tu as largement tes chances :slight_smile:


This is so great i love all details you put in to your models this is going to be super!


–> uwil, it’s a vray GI render, with none special .

–> about the glass globe, I agree, it is too thin.

The slug troopers. They will be very tiny on the final render.

I gone make physionomy variations.


terrible concept ! terrible modelisation …terrible quoi…


Really cool models the Slug Troopers …is it possible to post a closer wire on this, very interested :bounce:


nice slug update. vray is special renderer, indeed. … imagining… the final… render… it’ll be cool.


les jambes me semblent un peu carrées et l’entre-jambes tres large sinon c’est du tout bon :wink:


Hey Texxx I did’t Check YOur Work For A Week ( I think)
Grate Job Nice Characters Good Ship Modeling Powerfull Detaile


characters are wonderful , beautiful style , accurate models - i just wish you win! great gtreat great!:thumbsup:


aw… it’s like a party! I like how they are looking… can’t wait for the texture. .


a plastiline reference model, for the pilot.


slug pilot.


huh? how did this amazing thread escaped my eyes?.. o well… dude! u got some awesome stuff goin here… keep it up man… best of luck


(thanks to FISH for hosting)

Mouth will be corrected, like the clay model reference. (this version is too much “jar jar binks”)


a test with final camera.


a test.

the ground.

a close-up of the mouth.


This is just soo cool - love that slugpilot :thumbsup:


WOW aweosme going man… uve done a lot since my last visit… those test renders are very cool… i totally love ur designs… hey seems like ur not using the CGnetwork surver to upload ur images… u can get into some trouble later… and let me remind u that every image u post here is a mile stone and CG surver is big enough to host all our images, so use that… well that just to keep u away from harms way… hope u do really good and best of luck… keep it up mate :thumbsup:


unfinished pilot model.