Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Fred Bastide


that ship is awesome now rendered, cant wait to see more of this image :thumbsup:


Hey man.

Looking good.
great to see that your concept and your models are the same!!
i give it 2 thumps up!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
looking forward to see you end result



Hi Texxx,

Very good character design (As usual). Your sketches and your 3d models are simply awesome from now.
I am sure to see a very good finale image at the end of this challenge.
Good luck
Ninox :slight_smile:


nice models… very consistent design… but I think the hedghog is supposed to be very large scale right? Right now he looks very tiny and cute, like a toy… I’d suggest some basic plating all around and maybe some tiny bolts to suggest scale. good luck man!


modeling+color tests.


Yes, teyekanic, some details and greebles will be added, to give an idea of the scale.


I don’t know what an atomic hedgehog is or does, but I really like the way that it looks. The ship is cool too.



O.K., so I just looked at the rest of your images, and I now see that the hedgehog is not a cute little droid, but in fact a much larger battle robot, which is more cool, although a bit disturbing. I still like it.


GRRrrreat stuff !! wow!


That ship design is so nice. How do you imagine these shapes? References? Pure imagination? Tell us your secrets!


The slug ship, finished 98%

The rest will depend of the exact position, and distance from camera.


The ship looks like it’s ‘old’, bit like wwII planes look old for us, yet it clearly belongs tu some future civilization. And that’s what i really like in this design. Only thing i don’t like is the pilot’s ‘bubble’, i’d make it look like in early jet-fighters, more’sturdy.


great set of “droids”, :thumbsup: just the glass on the cockpit looks too thin. i’m very interested in your lighting/rendering… lighten us.


yeah it’s cool

the glasses of the spaceship looks a bit thin

keep it up

sinon personne sait quest ce qui se passe sur 3d station??


great progress. My favourite entry so far.
I hope you’ll manage to keep the simplicity of your designs (yet very effective) along with getting a true epic feel. Keep up the good work!


I really like your designs and that ship is looking real nice. The glass does look thin tho. maybe adding thickness to it or increasing the refraction a bit will help.


Really do rather like the design of that slug ship, great stuff :applause:


Absolutely splendid. Too good. My hat off. Holy cow.


Wow i really like the design of the slug. It’s really unique man. Great sense of color too. You just remined me how much more work i gotta put into my designs :slight_smile: haha, i must come back and check out more of your work, they’re great.


Wouah, looks very good! :thumbsup: I like specially the slug ship model :buttrock: