Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Fred Bastide


Fred Bastide has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: final

final image…



Space slugs VS Atomic Albino Hedgehog

Sketch, and concept design for:

  • Space slugs spaceships C
  • Atomic Albino Hedgehogs B
  • Inside view A
  • composition


really solid sketches man… I’d like to see more… but it looks like your comp might be above a small town or city? I think you should go bigger… like: GIANT Space slugs VS Atomic Albino Hedgehog… hehe… keep it up


Slug, colors test:


It’s not a city, but a kind of canyon landscape, teyekanik.


Welcome to the challenge, and, amazing start! I really like those sketches. And knowing how well you pull out 3d ( your uncle is amazing :wink: ) , I can only order my seat there and watch your piece unfold. Keep it up!


nice start , I will keep an eye on this thread.


Super du texxx, synonyme de qualité ça ! Que de beau monde sur ce challenge :slight_smile:

Amazing sketches, I like design and style (great creatures, love this futurist style for Atomic Albino Hedgehogs)
You start a difficult project, I wait your next update now !

good luck man !



Will be very small on the final render.


super du texxx ! Ca va être de toute beautée !

I Like design and great creatures.

good luke man !


2 more sketches.


Good luck! (scuz me, i don’t know what to say more ^^)


found your entry through your sig in my thread, and I’m glad i did! really cool stuff, Fred. one of my absolute favs in this challenge already. the designs already stands out from most of what I’ve seen here so far. and seeing what you’ve done in 3d before… I’ll be keeping two eyes on you!


Wonderful! I’ll definitely follow this one. Good luck! :thumbsup:


nice start, you’re characters are great !
Good luck à toi aussi :wink:


color search for the pilot slug.


man it looks real good with the colors on

looks like a snail or somthing

really cool love it


Very promissing and humoristic sketches :slight_smile:
I’ll follow this thread too.


Beginning of the “flying snail”, the spaceslug’s ship.


Salut Texxx, Tu sais que j’adore ton travail! Vivement la suite:thumbsup:

Hi Texxx, You know i love your work, i’m waiting for the next step:thumbsup: