Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Francesco Paduano


…tick, tock, tick, tock…waiting to see more! :slight_smile:
if you get a chance, feel free to visit my thread below! _ I really need some good advice from good artists.



Go and just win the 2d challenge too! OMG! I mean, your sketches are so pretty! :eek:

Yeah! win the challenge!

Keep it up


just want to say grande ciaooo again Francesco:) i want you win very! parlo l’italiano un po di purtroppo, ma imparo.Di dove tu? Amo bella Italia e lingvo molto ed italiani anche :wink: i am your fun from the last challenge. Baci !


I’m very happy for your words…:love:I have already won… I am your fan forever…:bounce:
I live in Sorrento Coast Line you konw?
Little help:

Ciao piccola…I hope to feel to you soon :slight_smile:


Very thanks for you:




Good luck for you!!!


Good luck Ficolo. You have to try very hard because we have in this challenge many many really good artists!:thumbsup:


I have not never doubted of this thing… :slight_smile:

Good luck for you



I really like the spaceship design ficolo. Have not seen one like that around here. We’re looking forward to your updates :smiley:


Molto grazie segnore- beautiful place i want be there and… tu e bello :slight_smile:


Francesco, this is really great work!
I loved your concept and the first images.
Someone suggested the image was “empty” and then I see you filling it up with more spaceships and planets.
Be carefull you don’t spoil your initial concept. These last spaceships do not add to the image but distract the composition and start making it look like comic space fight.
Imho, I would leave the image as is. With the big radial city/civilization and the two smaller ones. I like that it touches the atmosphere of the planet.
But I would remove the spaceship that overlaps the radial civil. It breaks its uniformity, and synthetical it overloads it.
Your concept’s strenght, is its boldness that shows the vastness of space.
You have created a great piece , try to keep it that way and don’t overwork on it.
I’ve seen this same phenomenon with other challenges as well. Artists keep adding more and more stuff, and finally clutter their artwork.
I’m curious to see it in 3d model, keeping the same atmosphere.


I really like your concept sketch. Has a good focal point. You still need something to pull the space station further in front of the planet though.


i write this with honourable intentions.

i dont know whats a better compliment, to see your work, junk the computer and head for the hills or to get inspired and hit the sketchbook once again.
fabulous work. some of the best concept art ive seen here so far. :thumbsup:


Nhere is nothing to comment.
Good work :thumbsup:


Thancks for “and… tu e bello” :love: You are my Star…:wavey:

Ciao dolce



evanfotis, neble, dahiya, kaajey, dom:

thanks for your appreciations and I will try to maintain the most possible original concept



I’m working… you can check up the updates! Waiting to see your work :slight_smile: :bounce: :bounce:


Wow, your concepts could already be some finished stuff for the 2d challenge…
But nevertheless I liked the lonelines of your first concepts…
They had a bigger feeling for space imo.

:smiley: :smiley:


hey dude wat happen to the update?? we want to see more…:bounce:


I’m sorry if I have not still updated my wip,
but unfortunately are engaged a lot with my job :shrug:



• :slight_smile: Hey! Pretty cool your stuff! Pure Heavy Metal :thumbsup: It seem you are of those who doesn’t need luck, but I wish u the Best!