Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Francesco Paduano


Great fighter concept :). But don’t foget this is a 3D challenge :). Joking… Keep it up!


I am really looking foward to see this in 3d.
Have any idea on what kind of stroy your going for?


Looking great so far, looks kinda like something out of halo.

Im interested to see this progress into 3D, i’ll keep my eyes open!!!


Steveyola: Beyond to the moon structure average similar to the movie, I do not believe it is similar to Treasure Planet, also why JamesMK would have reply to the thing however I will make the possible one in order to render it most various possible :slight_smile:
dgpilot: very thanks…:thumbsup:

fellah: thanks for I compliment
I love 3D and the my true passion and although I succeed to work well in 2d my true challenge remains the 3d. Now I do not have the time for a animation
but made the model 3d all it is possible
:scream: Thanks and stay tuned :slight_smile:

Borro: I know… in fact I to it I see already in 3d… stay tuned and you work hard for those things that we have said ourselves in private.

WazaR: Thanks for the story I’m working…:banghead:

liquidminduk: [color=white]Not the truth and that she has come outside from one my old realization of 9 years ago that has been one of mine first models made in 3d. the only inspiration and from the average moon of Treasure planet



Ficolo, Man the space fighter looks amazing. One suggestion if you can add some rivets on your
spaceship, I mean something which will give the emboss feeling. just a suggestion.
Rocking update:thumbsup:


I will make sure in 3d final…:scream: This is only a concept sketch



Hello ficolo!!
Man, you´re really amazing!! Your painttings are beautifull!! :eek: :eek:
I´m waiting for the modeling!! I still didn´t begin, and I agree with you about make first a good concept and so after begin the 3D stuffs. It helps a lot. First thinks first. :smiley:
You know, my wife is descendant of italians.
I would like to go to italy, eat some pizzas. ehehe… :drool:
Good luck for you ficolo!!


good luck for you…:thumbsup:


You make the right choice of workflow :slight_smile:
I’ll hope you’ll add some dramatic action, I think it’s important to make a story when you make an illustration.


…and he keeps bombing us! Cool spaceship concepts. Actually I have a similar idea of blue-energy field on my Entry, but not quite the same (more electricity spikes on my take!:shrug: Hope I’ll make it different.

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is :thumbsup: VERY GOOD CONCEPTS MATE!


Thanks for your critic that I appreciate
regard to the history I am working



Wow, specially like the “face” of fighter, for the last sketch: hand-drawing or photoshop, painter, etc.?


ciao! che bello lavoro! good luck to you!:slight_smile:


centavrus: Grazie Mille… Very thanks :blush:
Can You win for me… good luck:thumbsup:



I’m in love with your ships and colour pallete on your concepts. If you stay close to your concepts you will definitely not get lost, and go just with the best people here for the prizes:buttrock:
Good luck!


Great concepts. It’s really could watching you put that story behind hit together one piece by another.

Good luck to you and all others!


thanks guys!!!:slight_smile:


Loving your concepts man … they are really inspiration … looking foward to your work.

good luck!!


you Stay tuned…:thumbsup:


OMG!! :eek: :eek:
this is really awesome work!!I whish I had your drawing skillz! I especially like the repetition of the style on the ships!! :thumbsup:
keep rocking man and…
buona fortuna!! :applause: