Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Francesco Paduano


Congrats mate… I don’t know if you win a boxX… but you have win a heart I think… and that’s certainly better no ? :scream: hahahahahaha… happy man :wink:


Hey Francesco !
Very nice compo :thumbsup:
i love you’re work man :love:


Hope you could post your image, great work… its the kind of problem when you wait the last minute to upload the final image…:shrug:

Wish you the best whith linda… she look like… so pretty :wink:


… e vissero felici e contenti con una prole pari a una squadra di calcio… :applause: + lancio del riso…

well your work is absolutely beautiful and…
It’s was a pleasure to view all your entries and the amazing quality of your work… :thumbsup:



Thanks Guys For your congratulations!!! I haved now submitted my final and i hope that you like it.

I dedicate this work at My Love Linda Ferroni that for me is the Best Price of my Life for ever…

Ciao and Good luck at all!!!


Thanks guys this is the final and is dedicate to Linda Ferroni my Love


well congratz mate! great final


SUPER baby looks fantastic just like you! I am so glad you manage to subbmit the final in time.


so my congratulations again, for both sucesses:)


wow nice final :bounce:


Come cavolo ho fatto a perdermi questo thread? L’avevo iniziato e poi, tra una cosa e l’altra, non ho continuato a seguirlo…è da morir dal ridere…Mi ha tirato su la giornata.
Gran Lavoro Ficolo, complimenti, e congratulazioni…e complimenti di nuovo…

Translation: “What the hell I did to not follow this thread? I started to follow it, but then, between one thing and another, I totally forgot to give it a check…I’m almost dead for the laughs…This get my day better than better…Great Work Ficolo, compliments, and congratulations…and compliments again…”




it’s sublime francesco! I love this final composition :thumbsup:


Awesome work!
if you could lesse the bump effect on the earth that’s better I think.
If there is no time left it’s not important because it has become a good work.
Wish you success!
Wish I could se Pompei and Herculenium someday.


Beautiful result, man : I can feel the zero gravity ! :scream:


good work!..u made a great entry man! congratulations for your great result!


[size=2]…You can feel the love floating in the air in this thread :smiley: [/size]
You Did it!


1 more time - GREAT WORK ficolo

flaeticia : FANTASTIC PICTURE:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


ATTILA … A come atrocità doppiaTcome TragggediaeTerremoto I come IradiDio L come Lago di sangue A come Adesso… adesso WOW :eek:

Like I wrote before… follow your thread was something really unique… all different post that you have made are really excellent and the quality of the sketches part was stunning… :bowdown: and a big :applause: This is really an awersome work

complimenti Francesco :thumbsup:



…an awesome final picture. God luck! :thumbsup: Claireabella


Thanks guys for your all support very thanks I’m very happy and Good look at all!:thumbsup: