Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Francesco Paduano


Hey Ficolo! The planet is pretty nice…:thumbsup:

If I remember correct the final image includes a portion of the planet…That is another way to say…“Can we have a closer view?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up mate…Bring all those beauties together!! :bounce:


hey man your work is comming really nice…keep pushing!..just a few more days!!..ill be waiting for your master piece


Hey nice updates here:thumbsup:. Wish you the best and good luck: your entry is amazing!
In bocca al lupo!:slight_smile:


wip wip I hope that i finish!!! i HAVE LOW TIME… AND I STAY VERY BUSY WITH MY WORK


wip textures color


wip compositing the backround layers the planet and deepspace


for the best bumps maps and i used the normal maps is the best result for the fast rendering


wip modelling and lightning…


Hi ficolo,
I wanted to wish you best of luck!
I liked your concept from the begining, and through out these 3 months -unlike most other cg artist in this challenge- you had the strength to resist adding too many elements, and so managed to keep your image bold and striking.
Your’e a craftsman, an inspired one, and you work fast too. I think you deserve nothing but the top.


hey that really is a cool lookin construct ! could we get a closeup later ?


Your earth was very impressive Fico… Run run run man… we want the final picture :thumbsup:


Ficolo c`mon man! where is that final!


Forza Francesco!!
Come on Ficolo… the last day for a great entry!:thumbsup:
In bocca al lupo!




Hey watch up? It seems like you’ve not made it to the deadline…I wish you’ll finish this vision of your and let us enjoy the final mate! :thumbsup:
Really a pleasure watching your progress so far mate…waiting for more!!:bounce:


Sorry Guys but the server was busy. I have been trying for more than 2 hours with no luck. I hope they will accept my work even if i’m posting it right now… Anyway I have win the best price of Cgtalk I find the Love of my Life Linda Ferroni… I love you baby


Now this is a real grand space opera entry! It’s great that they postponed the deadline and that you are doing it! And my congratulations… I see that you have won the best prize possible:thumbsup: I wish you best and hope to find my second half as well:bounce:


Very nice work and great price :thumbsup: congratulations :thumbsup:


BEAUTIFUL!!! baby… ti amo da morire…


Greatly looking Ficolo! :thumbsup: I seem to missed the deadline extension announcement…so WAITING UP FOR THE FINAL!!

SUN wrote:
Very nice work and great price :thumbsup: congratulations :thumbsup:

Second that :slight_smile: