Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Francesco Paduano


I agree, much better with thin rays.

tanti baci my king :wink:


Nice image is the last one! :thumbsup:
The rays are better and the glow at the beginning of the connectors looks good (some white-ish glow would look good too, but you now better! You have this scene in your head for nearly 9 years!!)

Waiting for more!!



The beam look much better new they are thinner in the middle, as I said before it would :wise:


ficolo…man :eek: …this keeps looking better and better… :love:


COOOOOOL Ficolo! Nice idea! and oveall good work :thumbsup: WE ALL WANT TO SEE MORE!


coooooooooooooooooool i haven´t words man awesome.:bounce:


There aren’t words to explain: EXTRAORDINARY! Each update is more and more involving.
Thanks Master


looks fantastic…everything looks perfect to me man! this is a great artwork!:arteest:


Very thanks for all you!!! I’m onorate for the your comments… I can’t find just words for you



wip planet


Try to invert the bump. now its going inside. Maybe it will be better to outside.


Your workflow is simply very amazing! [first making an awesome ‘sketch’, and then placing the objects in 3D over them] Maybe I’ll use that way of creating an image in my next project :twisted:

And also your modelling is just amazingly awesome!

Hope to see your final within a week (hopefully you’ll be able to say the same about mé :wink: ) :slight_smile: ,


wip I have inverted the disp map thanks is a my distraction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi there Francesco!

Nice planet dude! :thumbsup: Looks realy great, but imo it need some atmospheric glow in around it, like in the sunshined area :slight_smile: oh and that lens flare doesnt look as it should be there.


thanks for your suggests… i have make it with the photoshop just for an I have an idea… :thumbsup:



ok, now the displace is much better at the horizont on the left side. Buy it`s still a little strange in the middle.


• 6 More days Ficolo! :bounce: Hurry up pal! your image is one of my expected final images :thumbsup:


wow really a “spettacolo” :bowdown:



Nice image of the planet, but I think it needs a layer of clouds. Even though it might not be earth exactly, it’s close enough for people to associate with it and feel there’s something missing. Cool idea with the space station.

Nice to see someone following the Space theme. :slight_smile:


Beautiful planet, the best I seen so far!