Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Francesco Paduano


ficolo, man those latest models are aweosme… man ur really making it happen… i want to c more soon… keep it up man, best of luck :thumbsup:


Super nice to see this coming a long great in 3d as well. perfetto!

I have to say as you are Italian that my father is from Ancona so a big part of me belongs to Italy.



Amazing, need patience and lot of time uh? I guess texturizing will be hard, but thats the way to get greatness, keep it up pal!


looks gorgeous!

can’t wait to see more updates.

The concepts are really promising… Altough some of them look a bit too busy… there’s too much going no… no real focus (although it seems that these circle things are worth being shown 10 times on the image (from various angles) :wink: )


Ciao my Queen!!!
The world is very very little…:applause: When I was in Navy I stay one week in Ancona.
I supposed you have something italian from your name… I’m from Sorrento Coast line you know? Your father sure know the place… It is very famous and beutiful like you…:slight_smile:

Very thanks for your comments…:love:



Mad detail mad detail… Very nice!



very thanks for you all comments!!!

jddog, terraarc, linda, Climax, lehmi, keetmun

I’m very happy



Oh yes my surename is Ferroni so it is realy Italian actually i am an Italian citizen but born and grown upp in Sweden my mother is Swedish but now i live in Greece.

Sorry for telling you those things here it has nothing to do with your artwork so i will finish this conversation at this point.

Anyway looking forward for your updates:thumbsup:


My Queen…don’t you like chatting with me? :shrug:


Io Sono Innamorata Di Te!


Anche io!!!


it’s getting sexual !!!

mama mia !!!


Amazing work ! It’s full of details ! i like it very much


You’ve right… and now, he can’t work correctly… there’s no update now :twisted:

Ficolo -> don’t forget the challenge :scream: you can think to use cold water if you want to continue your Grand Space Opera… :smiley:


i really like the details you got going there~
one little suggestion? you might want to break it up more? :slight_smile:
anyways~ keep updatin~




WOW! Really impressing city! :thumbsup: The start on the energy rays is great!

The only thing I find kind of disturbing are the ends of the ring, with no building on.

Waiting for more!


This look very nice.I wish to see closer view,the buildings look to much like ants.I think perhap you can show more detail on closer buildings.And let farther ones like they are now? Also this is just like treasure planet,exactly.
Still this looking real good,just more nice detail needed for closer model and more difference from treasure planet ,something perhap you could change to make more original.:thumbsup:


similar the treasure planet or alo bat this is a remake of my hold idea from many yeras ago…
This is my frist experience in 3d art with Autodesk 3D Studio 2 in the 1995


very well detailed, you could put more lights or windows in the “structures” to give more life.