Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Francesco Paduano


Yeeees! perfect playboy and artist!..but am i still your stella e passione? bello sei non ancora sposare :scream: so…


You are always my star
Unfortunately as all the stars also you are too far, so I only have to be conter to admires you

Baci Baci my star




huh what amazing amount of detail! ficolo very nice man! :thumbsup:


stay tuned…:scream:


very good :slight_smile:

baci caro


Finally the modeling! :bounce: I love it! I’ll keep a close eye on you and I’ll learn mhhahahaha! Keep it up!


I cannot believe the detail in this image. Wow. You even made little tiny windows!! What is your plan for adding in all the mosslike plants/??


Amazing details …:buttrock: Bump mapping from your mothercard’s computer photo ? :scream:


centavrus: :love:Baci

Borro: My friend!!! You are studying? :curious:… :slight_smile: Thanks

WazaR: I’m working on it… stay tuned…:thumbsup:

ciphe: hehehehe…:slight_smile: No my car key chip…:slight_smile:




detial is very nice.


frist level of buildings low buildings


Stunning level of detail there! Modeled or displaced?


Hello JamesMK,
Actually level modelled



Man, that is cool.
I can’t wait to see the whole thing all light up and stuff.
After the contest I think you need to create an animation of it blowing up.
Imaginr all the little part flying through space. It would be beautiful.


Hey… I arrived here a bit late… but what I found here… ? a true good and true interesting concept… and for sure, a true talentuous artist…

All of that is so much interesting… cheer Francesco… :thumbsup:

Now, one thing is sure… I don’t forget this thread…



reminds me of halo
only because ive been playing halo 2 for 6 hours strait
keep it up
awsum detail


KOryH: Ciao my friend :slight_smile: I promise you after the contest I will make the possible to create an good animation, job allowing
Ciao KOryH I love your wip

Lemog:very thanks for your words…:slight_smile:

dark-elf2:it is remembered Halo, even if in it has it the structure is a ring while in my case it is an arc.:slight_smile:



Inpressionante ! complimenti !

Is really amazing, like the concept sketch the model too is extremely accurate and detailed :applause: wonderful work.



Great start on the buildings of the arc! The texturing and colors looks good too! :thumbsup:

KBytes of encouragement and inspiration to you! :bounce: