Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Francesco Paduano


very unique start. you did pretty well on the concept. would love to see the final look. good luck.


Start to modelling…


Hey there! Happy modelling time!:bounce:

No! No! I don’t really want to look! I’m a little bit scared of the result! I’m afraid I won’t handle it!


This is so beautiful ficolo i admire every peice of it!


Thanks my queen… Sure now I can also end now already have been rewarded from your words… thanks :slight_smile:



Frist model of a quarter of the city.


Scary details , this must be heavy in the end , right?
Hope you have a nice machine , great work so far .


oh my…this is on its way to succes!..great job man!


Francesco, you are to cool. so this year, I give this award to you.

you can post it on your website or wherever you want…


looks like you are of to a great start with the modeling! maybe you will win the “space opera challenge award” to, if you go on like this :wip:



Good to see you’ve started on the 3D now, dude! I was honestly getting a bit worried you had forgotten about that :smiley: … Solid start. Awaiting a multitude of updates :wip:


man lemmi tell ya soemthing… UR WORKS R INSANE!!.. i mean common ur 2D concepts can win some a lot awards… and ur modeling start is gr8… like the detail ur going for … keep it up man… cant wait to c more works from your man! :thumbsup:


Many many thanks truly are flattered of this award… I will add to the other that I have received just the past week

Thanks however for your words
Hello and W the women!!!


thanks my friend…Stay tuned



Looks good, it reminds me [in a good way] on moonLike planet/satelite from Treasure Planet.
The only thing that isn’t good is composition… supose this is just a sketch so you didn’t care about it that much…



ahahaha! :smiley: that playboy award is much better than the casanova award I gave you! I’m so jelous now… you have two awards(or more!) I have… 0. you have a good start on your challenge, I haven’t started modeling… some ppl have all… :sad:


keep going :thumbsup:


Hahaha nice awards you are getting!

I can see all of us CG ladies fighting for you in a while :slight_smile: fortunantley we are not that many otherwise you would have a big problem there shaking us off.


:smiley: Yessssss!!!

But you are my queen…:love:

Ciao Ciao


with this Italian playboy thing ?!?


I think Spanish guyzzz rules too !!! na ?!?

Linda ? is your phone number still the same ?!?

kiss my dear !


Yes!!! You’re absolutely right!!! :thumbsup:
Since today I’ve enough of this status… :wise:
Hard decisions have to be taken: I’ll give my heart to Linda forever, I’ll donate my awards to the medical association “Bananas into the Ears” and I’ll become a perfect husband
please, can I have Linda’s phone number? :bounce:
May bananas be with you, my hero!!!:thumbsup:
Baci Baci
Ficolo (the perfect husband):wink:


very nice, keep going…