Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Francesco Paduano


thaks for your beautiful words…:slight_smile:


Update:The sun and refined the structures.
The Cargo ship is resized and moved.


Wow, love that pic…how did you paint the flaring sun?


Manually with wacom tablet…:arteest:



nice, very nice.
I still would like to see something bigger in there.
right now everything is high frequency. ther is no rest for the eye.
just a thought.
Beautiful work on the BG


hi Francesco…

your sketch looks very nice… great color pallet… but your composition lacks something mate…
it doesn’t looks whole… there is no order in the scene… i think most problems are creating this two transport ships… you should try to displace or rearrange them somehow…

cheers and best of luck! :beer:


This picture is realy great, but it will be a challenge to put in 3d. I’m anxious to see it.


nice half circle thingies
reminds me of independence day (movie)
although they dont look anything like those ships
but ya will be fun to make in 3d:buttrock:


i think that something you lost in composition- it seemd to me that you could add more than 5 ships in bottom or do them less than 5 .Sun is great!


Great update man!:thumbsup:
Watching this image as a “Concept Sketch” I’m quite eager for watching some Modelling and texturing!
Agree a bit on the “something missing”…maybe adding some focus on the front ship by adjusting contrast…don’t know, but that’s just an opinion.

Great work man, waiting for some modelling and brrrrrreath-taking texturing!:arteest:


Hello for all!!!:bounce:

KOryH: Hello my friend I am always happy when you make comments on my job, why I consider you an artist a lot prepared. For the optimization of the scene creed that I will make of the tests when I will even make 3d therefore thanks to your suggestions I will know to find the better way for an optimal final result.:thumbsup:

greentek: I will even make 3d therefore thanks to your suggestions I will know to find the better way for an optimal final result.:scream:

high: Soon…Soon…:slight_smile:

dark-elf2: Thanks for you…:thumbsup:

centavrus: [color=white]My passion!!!:love:Is always beautiful to feel to you
Task that will be many hundreds of ships that go towards the planet
Hello beautiful star…:slight_smile:


I will try not to disappoint your expectations


lol you should enter that into the 2D competition, I reckon it would do very well, great sketch there, it has that book cover feel to it that I always love


very thancks…:thumbsup:
ciao ficolo


Hey ficolo,
look how amazing the main ship is.
i mean just the central spot that beams with its extensions on the side connecting the ring is reaaally awesome!
Now, why do you want to weaken it and distract people’s attention ?
You are are a master craftsman, and every object you put in the comp is depicted nicely.
Problem is, imho, you’ve started putting too much eye-catching stuff in there.
When the sun is so bright, the planet overhanging the ship, and a bit of fuss going on with the supporting crafts, there is just too much going on! You can’t show the prossess of a whole battle\sequence whatever in just one shot. So keep the basic player in and make him look at his best. It’s just like trying to fit a whole thesus in one page. Say less but make sure your message gets through and is striking. People will remember one strong image. Think of it as an advertisment on TV. When you see too many you forget about them, with all their commotions and sfx going on.
If I where you I would start taking out some of the minor objects in order to reinforce the main ones.

An other small suggestion:
The other spaceships “break” the digonals in the comp.
Why dont you try adding a sort of light or something from top left ( where sun is) through the centre of main ship towards down right heading to big planet?

Btw, when are starting the 3d modeliing phase? maybe that dictates you the way to go on.

Apart from that you have inspired ideas and skillfull execution. Kudos


Haven’t checked this out in a while :). I see you’ve added a sun to your scene :). Keep it up! great work with concept… can’t wait to see models :slight_smile:


Latest image is fantastic…you must be proud :applause:


Just I have changed the disposition of the scene and I added the fighters


Cool concept :thumbsup: it reminds me a little the treasure planet moon/station.

Verry nice image, best of luck!:bounce:


It looks really great! Your sketches are very impressive!!:eek: