Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Eric Claeys


Eric Claeys has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Guarding the Gateway

After having Rhino3D crash for the 20th time due to lack of memory, I finally got a decent render. The planet was rendered separately in Flamingo, altered in photoshop, and inserted into the image. Overall, I like how the image turned out. I would have loved for the scene to take place over an ancient ruined city, but that idea came too late. I tried adding explosions and missiles - in 3d and photoshop, but they really took away from the image - so I left them out. Good luck to all the other entries and thanks for all the comments!


This is just an initial sketch for one of my ships. More to come!


oi, i like it :), where can i order those? ^^


This is just a quick idea I had of a moon pulled out of orbit in the middle of a mecha conflict - one of the armies going a bit overkill…


I think this is the idea I am going to run with.
Basically, a large scout ship flees from a giant monster as the military attempts to collapse the ancient gateway as hundreds of demonic creatures poor into our dimension.


Hi Eric,

looks really dynamic

Exciting to watch how you´ll develop those creatures.

Have fun


Beautiful sketches Eric… I’m waiting the following impatiently… :thumbsup:


starting on the scout ship…


more work on the ship…



Looks really fun, kind of like Buffy the Vampire slayer, with the whole portal thing. Good luck.
and the modeling is looking good as well as the line drawing of the ship.


Another update of the scout ship.

Modeling in Rhino3D 2.0. I’ll do the texturing and rendering in Maya. Thanks for the comments.


looks really cool actually, looking forward to more great work :slight_smile:


Really loving your concept so far, quite impressive. Can’t wait to see how it turns out, you are working very quickly… best wishes to you.


Nice progress, Eric. I gather you’ll be using mental ray for the rendering. One question: I know that mental ray has a 2 million triangle limit in XSI, but am uncertain whether you’ve got the same limitation in Maya. If so, how do you plan to keep the count down with such a complex scene?


Wow, now thats a great loking ship and i like the idea a lot :thumbsup: Keep up the good work!


Well it’s not the most original concept, but it could look excellent. My only critique at the moment : your ship looks a little like a chainsaw right now. Might look just fine after it’s textured w/ windows, details & the like, though. Keep up the pace. :thumbsup:


The concept sketch looks cool. The ship design has a nice feel to it as well. I’d love to see some surface detail on the smooth outer shells of the ship. Can’t wait to see more detailed demon designs as you flesh them out!


cool concept… modelling looking gr8 so far.

looking forward to see the monster modelled.


I love the demonic portal idea. That really stands apart from the norm, modeling looks good so far. I’m not sure if you’ve fixed the image aspect ration but i would suggest a wide anamorphic view, it’ll look very good with the horizontal motions you have in your last concept.




I just love that scout ship! :thumbsup: