Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Elben Schafers


wow that looks cool.
Reall detailed, expecially the interior!
thumbs up!

I’d probably change angle of the feet… I would’nt bend them too much.
Maybe use pictures of spiders of something for reference… nature always has the best inspi/ideas :slight_smile:

keep it up!



nice modelling… another great thread!
2 thumbs up:thumbsup::thumbsup:

heck… maybe another one… :thumbsup:


Thanks guys.

lehmi vbmenu_register(“postmenu_1751113”, true); - Once I have them walking on the vine like cables the curve of the legs will make more sence. I actually want them to wrap partly around the diameter of the cable. They would be pretty useless on flat terrain. :slight_smile:

Versiden - I hope the detail shows up in the final render, but thanks.

I’m in the process of working with the lighting for the scene at this stage, to get a feeling of the walker creating it’s own light source, and a basic mainlight representing the sun. Added a little more detail in the glass etc. Will probably get a another render out soon.


very nice models Elben, love the lighting effects on that ship. maybe you can slap a bit of dirt or rust on the arms! cheers and good luck!:thumbsup:


Hey Elben!

Wow, great work with that concept! A bit retro with that fishtank cockpit… I love it :thumbsup:
Just one small crit… seems to me that the glass still refracts too much at the centre, and it could also be a little darker around the edges for a better outline imho…

Great stuff… keep it coming!


Hey, looking good.

At the moment it looks like the “bubble” is a solid sphere, hollow it out and it should look alot more realistic.

Keep up the good work



liquidminduk - your right about the hollowing out. About a week ago, I gave the glass thickness, and it gave a lot better look, including a hint of a ring around the bubble. I really didn’t want to bore everyone with yet another slightly different image post.

Rui_Padinha - thanks for the crit, I might cut the refraction down a bit.

uwil - Would you believe the arms actually have a lot of dirt etc, they just don’t show up rendered so far. I hope in the final comp, the closest crawler will show it off a bit, if not I’ll have to go in and dirty up more.

As soon as I get the driver made I hope to post a couple more images. Been working on him off and on.


if your dirt isnt showing up, tr6y adding a bump or displacement map to it, that way it’ll show up more.

Keep it up.



neat! is that chair comfortable tho ?


keep going Elben, ya sometimes my monitor doesn’t cooperate with me. i really see dirt in there… nice texturing by the way… update:thumbsup:


This is my WIP on creating the pilot to my walker. I decided to use Silo to create him, then import him into Maya. I also went for a posed model rather then a rigged model. Wanted the modeled detail without the extra steps of bones etc.

Silo had a lot of cool features and was impressed with the speed, but I did an experiment with exporting and I think the demo wouldn’t allow me to export too high of a model. So I exported early, as well I was missing a few Maya tools that I couldn’t do without.

The overall form and folds are based off of my own, as I sat modeling him. I also learnt a few what not to do’s, as I made him.


hi there! I must say that you have nice stuff here:thumbsup: I like your work, the model of the pilot is great. I would only advice to tighten the area around his eyes and eyebrows more… to emphasize the feeling fo drama. He would look more emotional. You made a big step from your last update, I can’t wait to see the next one
I’ll be back:twisted:


what a face ! great model all around !


you give a very good expression to your character:thumbsup:
your concept seems good

good luck


Nice work! I like that you’re mixing spaceships and characters, and your character has a great expression. keep going! :thumbsup:


These vines are again modeled in Maya. I wanted to go with something that had a nice siluete, so I went a little higher poly.

I first modeled the overall shape extruding a loop the length of a curve. I then smoothed the sections closest to the camera, used the sculpt surfaces tool to pull out the bulges referenced from my image map. I smoothed a smaller section again, sculpt then repeated again to get vein like surfaces. To get the finer bumps I created a bump map based off of my texture map.

I then added the walker and sized the vines the match the walker. I wanted an infestation of walkers giving a similar feel to crabs. I have all the crabs in the scene but have to turn off six due to rendering time. I still might have to go in and optimize them based on distance from the camera to save poly count.


This is just a test to see what the lighting will look like on the vines. I still have yet to put in a stary background etc.


Due to my computer not able to render the whole scene I had to seperate it into rendered layers and join them together to get this. I’ve changed the layout of my scene a bit from the original sketch, but I didn’t want to loose some of the detail if I pulled the camera back to fit the sketch layout. As well I hope it will add a little mystery as to what they’re shootin at, and allow me to render in time.


Hi neble,

greate concept you have there. I like the idea of your robot spiders :applause: Just one little note… your vine texture looks a bit funny. Not really rock and not really organic. What did you have in mind for the final look?


That’s a great looking character: well modelled and posed in an interesting position with a great facial expression. the vines look more fleshy to me than plant like. was that your intention? keep going!