Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Dragos Jieanu


Dragos Jieanu has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


this is my matte so far. I’ll add some vulcanos also. So far it’s only 2D but I’ll start modelling spaceships and so on very soon. Pfew, long journey :smiley:


Welcome Dragos.
I`m sure this will be a thread to look on.
Good luck!!
Bafta si inspiratie!!


hey, thanx man, btw, why PRO? :smiley:
suntem colegi de munca shi nu shtiam? :stuck_out_tongue:


he he… why PRO?
Its a common explanation. My name is Pop Radu Octavian. Im not a professional, just a 3D hobbiest.
Ma gasesti ca vrTX pe forumul visualart si/sau cgart.
Mai folosesc username-ul asta si-n alte locuri (poate neinspirat, dar sunt initialele mele, si asa, sigur nu-l uit)
Cand se termina challange-ul asta, am un an de LightWave.
Sunt curios ce vei construi in lucrarea ta.
Bafta multa!!!


this is the final size. so far I had no time for updates but they will sure come as soon as can :smiley:


update. I hope to finish the primary base today.


Looks very promising…
Is that a real picture or altered in photoshop? Anyway looks cool.
Dragos, I dont know if you have noticed, but you must submit sketches, modeling screens, texturing, and all your work process through the Submit Entry buttom, otherwise, the judges woun’t count your work…


That is one hella sexy plate. I really wanna use a plate for mine. Still havn’t seen anything anywhere that would really work…Ahwell best leave the matte plates to the pros :wink:


Nikus,I don’t really care, I’m doing it for myself coz I love the ideea :smiley: besides, I don’t have the right resolution 300dpi and I’m too goddamn lazy to do a matte 4 times bigger than it is now :smiley:
dur23, yeah,meteora rulz :wink:


Wow man… that Matte is GORGEOUS!! Very nice! :eek:


ok, ok…take it easy, I was just suggesting…thats the purpous of this challenge you know?


Nikus, I’m not angry, chill :stuck_out_tongue: I was just obset about this resolution limit 300dpi, I’ve tryed it an it’s enormous, I have to work 4 times more to cover the whole 300dpi area :frowning:
So I can’t participate, but at least I can play a little bit :smiley:



Your work is amazing. I would love to see/know how you created the matt. But too bad your not competing…wait what am I saying, thanks for not competting, now I might have a chance.



“I would love to see/know how you created the matt.”
that can be done, but I have to work on it a little more.
10x man.


so far so good.


and the composited scene so far.


Its awesome that your doing it this way. I didn’t think of that. I think I may gave it a try.
I also was going for a wide letter box feel to my piece too. Its quite the crazy image even in its early stages.

Too bad about that 300 dpi thingy you were talking about. Its cool though that your still going to work on it.

Is it a lot of clone tool and heal tool to make it fit together?


yeap, a lot of cloning but more important is to adjust the levels and the colour corection.
new update.


that’s it for today.