Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Dominic Leskinen


updated all the textures, have modified the characters…

still having some difficulty with depth of field… it seems to make things that should be out of focus look grainy… any suggestions?


anybody know anything about depth of field or focal blur? it seems to make the object grainy/fuzzy rather than blurry?

any help would be appreciated!


this is a detail of the ship which will be in the distance of the final render…


You have the right elements and right tools at your hand! I think you could bring more feeling of a some kind of conflict to this image. What about having a light pointing at someone below on the ground or something like that? Something should indicate that things are moving on. Well done so far!


Check/comment this…


reworked the framing and colouring, changed contrast values and shadows. removed distant rain.


Final image - enjoy.
Concept remains the same: The collective vivid dream of the passangers aboard the ‘seedship’, destined to colonise a new world…


Really, I like your final image. I have voted for you.
Good luck.


Me too. I like it a lot - it really stands out, this simple beauty is unique for this challenge. Good luck!


thanx gunilla and jpcohet!


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