Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Dimitris Liatsos


Hey guys thanks for the welcome …i am so happy to see u all again :bounce: Let’s have fun

I have to give a story …and i think i am ready.Forgive my ENGRISH in any place u will notice them :slight_smile:


The Fall Of Kaheldar

Isbur and Grana are two planets in a solar system in a parallel course with this of the Earth. What people don’t know yet is that there also parallel civilizations , like Earth’s , exist , only more…much more advanced. Grana …and Isbur are very close planets to each other …so close that the one looks to the other like a moon.

The prosperity in the two planets some centuries ago was starting to take different paths.

Isbur was advancing by always taking notice that they have to charrish the planet they live in. They advanced in technology but also they advanced in taking precotions and always have the basics needs of their land taken care of . Air , vegetation and of course …water.

Grana on the other side was also advancing very much but in the way of their technological advacement they seem to have forgotten the planet itself. In about the last 200 years they started to have problem with the air and the land was becoming dry.

That’s when all started …the basic need for WATER.

It’s a battle for survival…

The chrono - camera will try to catch the moment of that historical battle between the army of Grana as they are trying to take the first and most strong Outpost of the City of Kaheldar …metropolis of the planet of Isbur. One of the most heavy assaults in this Galaxy’s history.

The Outpost is devided from the rest of the outland from a huge canyon and it is connected to it with a very advanced bridge system…this bridge is the reason for this strong battle. Grana’s army has to take it if they want to bring down Kaheldar.

What will it be…


P.S : SPACE NUTS…i hope this can be fun to look when it will finish.


Awrightie - epic battle! Cannot possibly go wrong with that, Dimi-dude!


I don’t liked the idea and I hate you, Dimi!
Just kidding :smiley:

Good luck, my friend :wink:



Uh oh… its the second battle for water entry I have seen so far. First one was from a finnish guy.
Well water is precious alright.

Good luck.


Good luck even though im one of your adversaries lol :smiley:


Let the the Fall Of Kaheldar beginn !!!


Hi Dimi,

what an epic story - I expect only the best from u since the machineflesh challenge:thumbsup:
Can’t await to see the Kaheldar-Visus:bounce:

Best wishes to u my friend! Let the battle begin:buttrock:


Sounds epic! (errr, well that’s the goal… :p)

I’ll stay tuned for your work!


Let the madness begin! :slight_smile:



good to see you here Dimitris.


Hi!! Dimitris ! good luck!! I´m in too again, a long time ago I was disappeared from the challengs but now I´m back, have nice work!
Good idea


interesting story.


Just a first thought…i am not sure yet but i wanted to see my thought on screen. I know…u see models…these are models of mine(scrap yard) that helped me visualize fast this concept…sorry …not good in painting…but i will update with more…
They will not in any way be used in the 3d part of the challenge but they do help now see the scale of the thing.


I am really digging the color palette in your concept, it is looking great so far.

I need to get busy, hehe


@ JamesMK …i hope not …it’s so promising theme for having BUBBLES FUN time…

@ Antropus hey Brazilero Bubble! U are having fun in San Clemente?..i hate u too…and that Boxx on your office too :scream:

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@ Saschi0815 …heeey hi man, glad to see u again…i come to your thread and throw some 3d bubbles for wishing good start to you.

@ Cartesius …yes…i agree it’s madness but with bubbles (i think i found the new teaser noun for this challenge) BUBBLES… :bounce:


Designer2, luciano Berutti,sad …nice to see to guys again…good luck too and have fun


Yeah, good ol’ classic book cover :-)…and you in the corner, of course, hahaha


Very good Story and concept art!!

Good luck!


Hey! Hello! I’m new… Just came to say good luck and cool story line there! I’ll stay tuned for any visual work! :slight_smile:


What? thats a sketch? and here I thought you were done already!

Nice stuff as always!!:buttrock:


when I saw your first sketch here is what’s happend to me…

…> :bounce:

I love the deep that you have in your visual… great space and nice architecture/design stucture like I can view in the sketch.