Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Dimitris Liatsos


…hahahah…no man…i never ignore any answer or comment, i read them all… thanks for you comments…i just really need to relax from thinking this image a bit and also sometimes i tend to forget to answer to everybody (sorry about that …not intented )…and i am not so good in keyboard clicks u know…also my English sucks big time…lol…thanks for you comments man…i agree that maybe i could fix some areas on the image but i hope u will feel different when u see my small animation with all these models and some more…(hehehe) …in it…I am also happy that it gave u all these impressions after watching it for some time…that means that i i did at least something right…




Great job on finishing this Dimi, that is some fantastic details you have there. I would have to say you have way more ground troops than I… :wink: Can you post up a 1280 size image by anychance… I want a copy for my desktop image, but this one stretches to much. Anyway, thanks for all the support throught the challenge and gl with the judging (as if you needed any…) till next time, keep at it!


sure did…and dont worry about your english…it’s quite good :slight_smile:

I saw a couple of days ago a post that said something with UT2k4…did i see right?
cant wait to see the animation!! how long will it be?


Whoa! I found a new wallpaper for my desktop. This is undoubtedly one of my favorites. The lighting kicks arse and the models make me want to cry (in a good way of course). Incredible.


@ ||) |V| |^| …thanks my friend…about wallpaper …here is a 1600x1200 BOMBASTIC VERSION… …just resize it to any screen res u want :slight_smile:

@ Burning_Frust,Sharga …thanks guys…animation i will start working on at the end of January or middle of February i think :bounce:



my desktop thanks you very much for a new clothing:)


Marseille… La PLANETE MARS… où? Aixe en Provence… non ? wow j’arrive tout de suite la… :bounce: (haa… ça me rapelle Massilia Sound sitème et IAM…)
ok sorry for the OT Dimitris… but this beauty didn’t come on my thread to post her so qute and nice avatar… :eek: … hahaha :scream: laurent… tu est déjà à Marseille ??? mmm…



Well it turned out well.but all in all it’s not too’s also too organised when you look at the ships in the bg.And some of the soldiers just behind the front ones are stiff and just standing there.I can barely make out any details as well.The bridge is very low level from here detail wise.At least in this shot.It did look better earlier in wip form.
Still it’s got a shot at the shortlist is an overall good work.Good luck.:slight_smile:


The final image is quality. Great work. :slight_smile:


Your entire thread and your final image prove you master skills in 3d environment.
Very nice and alive image.
Congratulations Dimitris and Good Luck in the judging round!! :thumbsup:


@ arturro …if u want me i can make a good pair of trousers too for your desktop :scream:(j/k) …i am glad man!:slight_smile:

@ jddog …down boy…down !:scream: …hahahahhaha

@ Kylebrn …thanks

@ Tilstrom …thanks friend

@ PROctavian … thanks mate.


:thumbsup: Where I vote???


Awesome final image. Epic in both the visual you produced, and the amount of work you managed to get done for this challenge. It just reeks of the fog and confusion of war. Good luck with the judging, not that you’ll need it. :applause:


:thumbsup: In french on dirait

ouah ca claque, je kiff grave. or best cette image est absolument merveilleuse (but they kill themself !!)

but in Englich i don’t know maybe great greatissime it’s the word …:thumbsup:


This is one of a kind - and is very filmic.
Bravo !


Excellent work Man.
good luck!


One Vote From Me ))) :thumbsup:


Congrats on making it to completion! :thumbsup:

I must say the poses and expressions on your characters really work now, and I love what you’ve done with the background. Impressive job combining everything for the big final :eek: Now that it’s all over, what are you going to make next for all of us to comment on? :smiley:


my vote is yours … REALLY GOOD WORK **********************************


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:
Greate SIFI artwork you did here. Looking forward to see you on the next challange.