Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: David Sa


David Sa has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


Hi all, CgTalk community!

I’m David.
I have been a member here since couple days ago and found that CgTalk is such a great community. Thank you.
I am here now (I wish I knew this challenge earlier) as a mean in learning & to earn myself a custom avatar he…he…
Oh yes I want to win too, that would be really really cool. Let see if I can really do this. Wish me luck guys.

To all the challengers GOODLUCK.
I will check some of your threads once I’m sure with my own concept, as a novice I would not want my concept to be ‘influenced & intimidated’ by yours. But I will learn alot from you guys in executing my concepts, especially in technical side. I hope you would give me some help. Most appreciated.

Now I have to excuse myself reading the faqs & making some sketchs.

David Sa


Hi guys,

I’ve came up with this story idea for this Grandspace theme:War of the Palazan.
I won’t write about the story much since it is not a script competition. However I will tell you bits & pieces along with the images later.

I’ll go for now. Developing the story more then doing some sketches based on the story.



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