Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: David Marsh


I think you did a very good job on this, I can get the feel of how difficult this is after starting my character model’s body.It looks pretty natural and believable. Great job.:thumbsup:
My GSO entry


Hi again

Yeah tough one, avoiding intersections…but you did good, I must say. Ofcourse I have crits, I always have…:slight_smile: [color=white][color=white]luckily for you, it has nothing to do with the body or arms, you would have killed me if it had…But I think you should scale down his head around 10 %, he has a little of the dwarf look you mentioned as one early problem in Kane and his body. And for Bull that must not happen, he´s such a tough guy.[/color][/color]
One more thing; It seems your head skin color has a higher red-level, than the body skin color…or the other way around. Go for the head skin color, more real…the body skin color seems too much like chocolate. I think, with the tone in the head, you hit bulls eye, great job.

I do not agree about the spec. level, as someone mentioned. I think it´s great in the head. Maybe you should work on the body spec. type, seems too defined, like plastic, but nothing crussial here.

I don´t want to imagine how much work this has been…impressive.


Great character modelling. Keep it coming! :applause:


-And then he disappeared, just as fast as he had arrived. No one knew exactly where to, or why, but there were some people who said that his girl had come home, to claim his time…others mentioned some kind of lazy behavior, but they were few.


Ahahahahahaha. Great post.

I probably have been notable by my abscense haven’t I?

Unfortunately I’ve been very busy being made redundant so it’s been a bit of a mad struggle to get my CV and porffolio together and see what else I can find. Something like that really knocks the wind of entusiasm from your sails.

Also, you are quite right, my girlfirend has returned from LA and so I’ve got a lot of making up to do :):):slight_smile:

To be honest it looks like i’m going to have to call it a day on this one :frowning: At the most I might be able to rustle something together from the work i’ve done already but it certainly won’t be anywhere near my original plans.

A week in Turkey between now and the deadline isn’t going to help much either.

I really appreciate your support over the last few weeks, hopefully i’ll be able to at least produce something that can be considered a final image.

Cheers Kragh, good luck with your own work.


I’m sure you can post a final… its looking really great so far, and with a bit of tweaking - perfecto.


That´s a shame…about the “being made redundant”…I actually have no clue(almost) what it means. Normally when I don´t understand a word, I have a site where I (for free) can get it translated into danish(don´t have a book for that)…But only 2 translations a day, already used.

One thing I know from making database structures(my job), is the word redundant. Not the specific difinition of the word, but what it means in a database; To have the same information twice(redundant data). So this is what I get out of it, please correct me: As you make cv´s and portfolios, maybe you got fired…and then you are totally right, removes all motivation.
But I hope I got it wrong.

Anyways, it´s a shame about resigning, but if that´s what you gotta do, then good luck in the future, probably meeting in another challenge(I asume you are not totally quitting cg…:))

But try to find time to make some kind of final image submission, but I understand if you don´t. I actually don´t think I would, if it wasn´t as I planned.

Well, see you:thumbsup:


Great modeling and textureing. The only crit I have is about the concept.
Looks to me like a newspaper ad, where they want to sell the movie name
and how cute the famous actresses are and how macho the famous actors are.
The actual story is reduced to a few props in the bottom. To me that’s way off
for this challenge, which is to show a scene depicting an epic event in a galactic
civilization. This implies the character(s) are shown in action, at the moment
of the attack or whatever. Sooo… just add wires joining their heads and emmitting
a psychic death ray to the ships which are in a joined frame (like two panels, two
comic-book sections) getting hit and blown up. That’s just my quick band-aid
idea, maybe you can come up with a better one. I thought you might not want to go
into designing a whole action scene this late in time.

my 3d entry


Final render of Bull for compositing.


Final render of Kane for compositing.


Final render of Zoe for compositing.


A simple planet for the background.


Here’s my final composition. Sadly i’ve been unable to do all the work that I had in mind for this project, having been unable to do anything for well over a month now. However, as I got off to a cracking start I had enough to put something together that can be considered a final image. I’ve had to lose the torso of one of the characters, but I think it was worth it as I couldn’t really see a comfortable way to include it.


I’ve increased to contrast to show how the characters are lit. It’s a very simple set-up. I’m using the Brazil Sky Light plus a key light to light each of the characters. Also I like use a Point light to shine directly into the eyes (excluding everything else). This ensures that the eyes always have a highlight and adds a great deal of life to the characters.


I’ve added some extra areas of light shadow, a layer of bloom and played with some of the layer options. I’ve also given the piece a title, added a bit of lens flare and genrally buffed the image up a bit.

I’ve also added a flare to the eye of the female chracter.


Here it is - the finished article. I had planned so much more but isn’t that always the case :slight_smile: I’ve shyed away from the full blown movie poster concept but think that the image still retains a fairly convincing cinematic appeal. Overall i’m happy with it especailly consdiering the 11th our push to achieve at least something that could be considered finished.

Good luck to everyone and happy crunching, I look forward to seeing all the finshed work come in.


Hey David,
Glad to see you finished , those are great character models. Good luck.


Hi David

Glad to see you actually made a final. Didn´t expect it.
I actually think it´s very good, it´s showing your character skills for sure. If not already succeded, then good luck on finding a new job. Went into you port folio a while ago, impressing stuff in there.

See you in the next challenge…(?) Had to quit this myself, as you can see in my signature…




very great this piece.
I like it.
good LOOK…
good luck…


Figures that you’ve made are absolutely beautiful !!! :thumbsup: really a cool scene !