Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: David Marsh


Right, well I’ve focused all my efforts on sorting this character out as she just wasn’t up to scratch. Adding more makeup has helped massively. I’ve tweaked most of the features except maybe the eyes and the crease of doom is gone! :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who offered me their advice on how to sort her out, it’s very interesting indeed to look back on the older renders because now I see what everyone else saw. At the time it honestly looked very different to me, to the point where my memory of it is nothing like what I see now. It is incredible how staring at one image for hours on end can seriously warp your perception of it. How long before im saying the same about this latest post I wonder… :slight_smile:


heh I checked them like side by side and man its such a differance and a good one at that.

I guess the only thing that bugs me still is the lips [not the texturing or color i like that but the shape.] I think this is personal taste? I dont know

Glad you changed her. It should increase the overall image by a lot. Once she gets some hair too im sure she is going to look freaking awesome.

oh yah one more thing I just noticed. its a bit of nit picking but…

you know the place under the nose , the bridge. It seems very planar like. I think it would look a little better with some curve to it… like giving the ball of the nose a more round that flows to that bridge and down it.

You know she also looks more like she belongs with the other chars now. thats a big plus I’d say.

thats all. ;p


Hellooo Lady! :thumbsup: Great improvement!

Waiting for more :slight_smile:


I’ve created the torso for this character. He’ll get some clothes soon although i’m not quite sure what yet - no doubt something minimal to show of his muscles.


Here are the colour and bump textures for the torso and arms respectively. They’re pretty basic but do the job. They’ll certainly suffice as the head will remain the focal point with the torso fading into the rest of the scene.


And the render. I’ve made him look a bit meaner which I think helps. He won’t be naked as I don’t think that really follows with the story I have in mind. I’m thinking along the lines of a prision issue waist coat with a high collar. Should be cool.


Hi again

Your speed in this challenge is stunning. I can´t follow up. As you seemed to appreciate my comments, and even took the time to give me some in return, I thought you should get some more…

First of all, saw your newest version of the female character. Mostly improved…

Good things;

Better lips, more “sexy”…
Better, and overall, more feminin shape to the head.

Not so good…:);

Her eyes has a more cold stare, in this newest version. I thought she had very good eyes in your first improved version (And also wrote it), But you have lost it a little in this newest one…-but I will wait to say more about that, untill you have made some face expressions.

Her skin (the skin texture) was more life like in the older version, Sun spots(the best word I came up with for that, those little spots, specially around the nose, that some(allmost all) people have, and gets more of when it´s summer…:)) etc.
Your new texture is a little too perfect for my taste, but maybe you still work on it.

Over all; Think it has improved, allmost perfect female ideal, but maybe that´s not what you wanted…?

As I´m writting this, you have just made a new update. Texture for “Kane´s” body.

First of all, (and again I don´t know the word) his eyes seem to stare at something real(!) close (Please post the word for that). That´s not so good. Great muscles!!!
First impression stuff;

  1. Longer arms, or smaller head(?)(or wider chest…(??))
  2. Bigger “wing” muscles.(the one under his arms at the sides…Seems too small for a person as fit as him.)
  3. Smaller noisebumps at his ab muscles.

How the f… do you make these maps so fast…:slight_smile:

In my first post I said, that I had followed this entry

mainly because of your texturing skills

That has changed, you are just as good a modeller!!!
Great work overall

Btw. staying in the challenge, just need to find the time.


Cool update. The body looks absolutely fantastic, great arms/shoulders.

I think the proportions of the body are good, I think it is the size and, perhaps, placement of the head that is making the chest/arms seem narrow. Maybe a touch smaller and placed higher.

I also noticed the small “wing” muscles (lats). I think your could get more of a ‘v’ shape going with him with some slightly larger ones.

Rock on.



Straightforward - Glad you like them. I use poly modelling only for pretty much anything i do these days, I just find it by far the most effective and simplest way to achieve what I want. So no, there are no splines, patches or nurbs used in these heads. I tend to start with a single quad and extrude out the profile (often following a photo for reference) and go from there.

You are right about the faces looking similar. As other people have noted, I am using one base model from which i am creating all the characters. This has the obvious benefit of being quicker but it does mean that no one model will be entirely unique. The female head has gone though some serious ammendment phases already and if I have time i’ll go back to one of the male characters and make the model truely unique.

As for hair, this is my achillies heal :slight_smile: My characters are almost always bald as I don’t get on well with Shag:hair and lack the patients to make quality polygon based hair. I reckon i’ll have to for the female though so i’ll let you know how I get on, but the basis of it will be wavy polys with an alhpa’d hair texture applied I imagine.

Xero - Your input is always appreciated and it looks like you are right about the nose, i’ll be fixing that next time I go back to her. As for the lips, i’m quite happy with them so will probably leave it at that and I really do need to move on. Although now you mention it they do look a bit pursed… :slight_smile:

Kragh - Hello again, glad to hear your sticking with the competition - why have two dimensions when you could have three! :slight_smile:

Her skin is pretty flawless now and I guess that comes down to preference. As i’m going for the movie poster feel for the final thing I think she should be made up to perfection like you’d expect from a hollywood actress - particularly an air brushed one. The eyes I agree with, I think I upped their self illumination and the added brightness has probably knocked some of the depth out of them. I’ll address that.

As for Kane, he does look a bit cross eyed (that what you meant?) which I hadn’t noticed until you pointed it out and yeah, his head could probably be smaller (I already made it smaller once, he looked like a dwarf this morning :)) The lats (wing muscles) are very small, however I have done this semi-intentionally (honest) as i’ll be lowering his arms and therefore occluding them from the final shot. I guess that they’ll get in the way if I put them in.

The textures for the torso really are nothing special - just some sploges of colour in Photoshop that are painted to fit the UVW map. I haven’t really gone to town as the torso will be fading out into the rest of the scene.

Crusty_Butt - Hi Brett, the head will be getting a smaller and i’ll try raising it a bit. And following on from my reply to Kragh, the lats are small but I don’t think i’ll worry too much about changing them as they won’t be visible on the posed character. Although having said that now you’ve planted this in my head i’ll have to go and sort it.

Cheers to everyone who’s taken the time to comment on my work, your critique is invaluable and I am making a point this time around to address every issue raised so keep 'em coming.

Thanks guys,


Great progress on Kane! :thumbsup:

The torso is looking good, but the hand is splendid! I think it’s a pity to hide some part of that hand!
The only thing I kind of find disturbing on the texture is the bump- veins , too many! :smiley:

Great work overall and been watching over here for more, more! :applause:


wow …your character looks really nice!! impressed about your texturing process mate!
i really like the black guy skin …
i apreciate u gave me some advice at my work…now i know your words are words of wisdom…so thanx a lot!
i wish u the best for the challenge!
ill be watching u mate:thumbsup:


i dont read the concept all but i think you are doing well
awesome work nice modeling


I’ve adapted Kanes torso to fit this character, with the obvious adition of the t-shirt. I’ll add some better, modeled in wrinkles once i’ve posed him with his arms folded (eek!).


Hello Swamps,

Your models are looking better every time I come back to see your work in progress. I can’t wait to see the final results!

I was just wondering if the skin isn’t too shinny, just a thought



Swamps… no word, I’m totally impressed about you work. Wonderful models and texture, and I love the concept ! :applause:



Nice character modeling :scream: can`t wait for the final composition :bounce:

Keep up the great work :thumbsup:


Bull with arms folded.


Yes, he must have been exerciseing a lot:) His mate also:eek: Great models!, textures a little bit too shiny and wet, but great as well! Good luck, I’m waiting for more updates:twisted:


Phew! What a headache this was! I’m officially never modelling another guy with his arms folded ever again. I almost gave up several times, but once I had an image of how he’d look in my mind I had to see it through.

Nevertheless, i’m well happy with the result of my toils. Only a few minor tweaks left and this character is finished.


hehe, I can imagine how difficult that is… anytime where organics have to make contact with another part of the body, or with some1 else is a really hard to do. I remember in the making of Final Fantasy TSW, they mentioned the “kiss” was a nightmare

great job!

I agree with arturro on the shine… I think turn down the spec a bit