Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Darko Markovic


vrhead thnx!man! well i dont know how but the explosion were the easiest thing for me :smiley:

blackdragoncg thnx friend! well…i hope that i will do good … but it is just hope :slight_smile: … well we dont know will the mannage to escape… maybe there will be second part in finished works :smiley:

keetmun u bet in that … i will boder u and others every day until u get sick of me ! :))) kidding … :smiley: thnx mate!

tzktime no… girls always win! :)) … thnx!


ok i am here just t osay a few words! Well Congratz everyone who finished … and well for those that didnt finish to bad :frowning:
it was great competition … good luck to u all and lets… vote :smiley:

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and only 8 pages ( 144 works ) out of 1,241 hm… really pitty … :frowning:


Congratulation Darko! :thumbsup:
Im new in your thread (You know better - time is so short) Youre right, this contest was a challange for us all.
Good luck mate!


PROctavian yeah one of the biggest challenges for me ! :slight_smile: NOT to give up ! :stuck_out_tongue:



You did it young man.And did it well.Congrats a great step you took…It’s been great meeting you here,and I know we will meet again.Now go after those Serbian girls have some fun you deserved…But just the extra pretty ones…:wink: :cool:

See you darko…All the best to you Brother…:arteest: :beer:


yeah thnx! when u come to belgrade … call me :slight_smile: … i am ver ver yglad because i met u here ! :slight_smile: and girls… well i am in pause of the game with them :slight_smile:


Congrats on getting the image finished :thumbsup:


thnx man! first 2d artist… ( hm i think that congratz me ) :smiley:


You had Excellent work in this challeng!
So Wish you success…:slight_smile:


hey thnx adel!


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