Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Darko Markovic


just uploading my pic! 50% done :smiley: 3mb with 52k dial up! :smiley:

Squibbit :beer: always my friend!

GaNNEl thnx mate! sorry because u didnt finish! end about next competiton for first time in my life i can be sure in something and that is that i will be much better in next comp!


• I liked your spech, and I agree, at the end, we all won a better price than a Mega Computer…A mega Bunch of good friends and an unforgettable experience
I wish u luck in your School, Let’s make your parents even prouder of you!


climax Friends for ever!:beer: :bounce: :buttrock: :wavey:

and here is the bigger,better resolution 1280x1024


Gongrats :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :applause:
I am really glad U managed to finish!
i think we all had hard times :slight_smile:
And found ourselves sleeping behind the computer :argh:

Hope to see U in next contests :slight_smile:


Thanx Markovicd. Finaly we all can have some rest. Or you are going to another party again , and fall asleep on keyboard?:thumbsup:


Wow ! uploading your pic with a 52k modem is a real true challenge !!!:smiley:

By the way I read your little speech and it reminded me when I began working with 3d software 4 years ago. The more important thing (to my mind) in those challenges is to finish the work (I won’t add “whatever the cost” because you don’t have to die in the name of 3d :D). Sometimes it works, sometimes not but there is always something to learn, if not from the others from yourself. (I speak like an old 3d grandpa when I’m just a beginner, that’s insane :rolleyes:).

Anyway I wish we well meet in the next challenge for a tough fight !!

I’ll be back !

By the way : your picture is very cool. Interesting beginning !:thumbsup:


taavi yeah next contest i hope that all of us will be together once more!:slight_smile:

Darkone2652 hm… no sleep for me … until end of school… :smiley: , and about party… well… u know what i mean ! :smiley:

Deadly Force ok grandpa ! :))) hahaha… kidding … yeah … u have point in that text … thnx !


Hello markovicd.,

Incredible amount of work, from good concepts to final composition. Great!




hey mate…i think u did a great work! and you must be proud becuase u finished this challenge full of models and big rendering tasks, u gave your self your time to finish this in time dealing with school too so thats great…
congratulations for this entry mate…hope to see you in the next one!


ON… right! :banghead: :blush:


Congrats Darko! You finished and with a sweet picture as well. Good job my friend. Keep with the art and be sure to dream big dreams and then come to your sketchpad/computer and make them happen! You have grown alot since you joined the contest and I have seen your stuff improve many times over. And that my friend is what winning is all about!


Ago-stino Thnx mate!

rattlesnake today i had math test… didnt do well… 8 of 10… and i dont know if they are correct but what the hell i finished my competition! :slight_smile: and i hope to see u to in next competi.:wavey:

nemirc :beer:

||) |V| |^| thnx mate! yeah…i know what u are talking about !:):bounce:


congrats on your final image!
all those sleepless nights are all worth it:thumbsup:


thnx snow! :slight_smile:


Congratulation, I admire you hard work and dedication.



enochian thnx! … ! :beer:


cool idea man… and you finished! nice explosions … those are always a pain in the rump


Good to see you made it:thumbsup: Nice job!

You have put in alot of effort to this challange and i hope you do well.
Yes i think he should escape but only just.with a badly damaged ship he gets picked up by earth forces and informs them of the impending doom.

Nice to see you are so dedicated It will pay off for you just keep it up.



Yeah man! It’s done, congrats! We’ll hear from each other a lot more, you can count on that, but for now just enjoy your final image!

Cheers, and rock on
:beer: :buttrock:


Hey mate! Congrats on completing the final piece, now you can study more and make your parents happy? I know that feeling, the balance between studies and 3d, 3d always wins Hahaha! Good luck! :wip: