Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Darko Markovic


Hey man, nice to see you changed the color of the robots. Now they ARE visible against that yellow background :thumbsup:

I wait for the final image :applause:

I have to go there inmediately!!!:eek: :twisted:


Indeed u have to go…Serbian Ladys are (…and all Women in Balkans ) from the most beautifull on Earth… :banghead: :banghead:


Holy… :eek:
You know what they say: if you can’t find them in “Hear O’ The City Hotel” (see my location) find them in the Balkans :love:


oh no … they know ! what shall i do !? :smiley:

Virtuoso thnx mate… u have pushed me from start to end and it means very much to me! … well when u come to Belgrade tell me… :slight_smile:

DimitrisLiatsos yeah dimi ! the only thing i know that the Greek and Serbia know to party and celebrate best in the world! :slight_smile:

nemirc not in! but ON BALCAN! :slight_smile: … beautifull women! :slight_smile:


it is getting hot in here! just main explosion and it is done! :))


looking good my friend! I think taht you could try to change the laser shots to the red color. I think it may fit better to the color palette of the image.


Composition and colouring is much better than before. :thumbsup:

Pity you didn’t have the time to change the postures.

But the most important thing is that you’re finishing the picture.


… go marko your are near the end :wip:
agree with laser color…something redish or violet can be more interesting, anyway > :applause:



And Here it is FINAL!
ok now i have to say a couple of words…

  • This competition was very hard for me… last 10 days i worked over day and night… because my computer didnt want to co-operate. So i am very tired... and if my school if finishing in 10 days... if i dont start to study now … i wont be pleased with my grades… neither will my parents :frowning: … Rendering problems were great pain in the ass… so i let my comp render and i go to party come back at 3:00 AM and sit down at computer try to be quiet as much as i can … and not to wake up my parents… there were days when telephone woke me up ( some friend calling ) and i was sleeping on keyboard… ( belive me very painful expierience ) … But thnx to u people ( thank u! u have been very kind to me) that pushed me forward… and helped me trough my work somehow i managed to finish this competition…
    i know there are some things that could have been better… but … no time… :frowning:
    I have learned a lot of stuff during this compet. …
    AND! the best thing that happend here is new friends… and i think it is the best thing that happend to me since i started with 3D…! that would be my little speach … don`t wanna make u cry! :smiley:

  • General

  • 2.000.187 Polys in scene

  • Render time 3h - 10 minutes - 1 minut TOTAL 3h11min17sec

  • Program Maya 5.0 Complete + Photoshop

  • Nurbs + poly ( just Phelius Soldier )



and yeah one more thing



hope u like it


Well, well, what do we have here… :slight_smile: nice piece of 3d! looks good, and what it’s more importand you finished it despite the problems! I think you have learned a lot here, like most of us, and will rock even more in the next challenge. The explosion on the right side loks really good! And now go partying! You deserved it!
It was nice to see how it developed and nice to meet you:)


Congratulations Sexy Boy… you win your challenge ! that’s the most important thing you know… :thumbsup: you have done a particular hard work… and you do lot of progress… :applause:

:bounce: :bounce:


Big congratulations Darko! Your final looks great - changing the colors for those robots made a major improvement!

I can’t believ you’re only 17 … it’s impressive. With that energy and level of commitment you’e bound do very well - my best wishes for the future :thumbsup:


Hehehe!!! Great final image markovicd., :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

You’ve done a amazing work here, and it was a pleasure to see that and meet you, omg only 17 :eek: … you’re incredible, and like Gunilla saied… you did that with a lot of energy…

Congratulations my friend!!! :beer:
You’ve done a very good work!!

Hope to see you in the next challenge!!! :bounce:


goodwork darko! you’ve done-it! good continuation on 3d you ‘re on the goodway!good evolution durin’ this challenge bravo!


ok , and next competition u make a better plan so u don’t have to
work day n night in the end…heh, i gotta do that too…haven’t done
much anything except GSO graphics for the last month or so… :scream:

congrats on finishing the piece :thumbsup:


arturro - my good friend! :slight_smile: … who would say that we meet on the internet … thnx for kind words… and i am w8ing for ur work dont let me down!

Lemog i am to sexy for my shirt… to sexy… it hurts :slight_smile: … well thnx for ur kind words to :smiley:

Gunilla stuped robots made me look bad! :)) well thnx… i dont belive to that i am 17 :smiley:

SuperXCM i hope i will survive till next chalenge ) … nice meeting u too! :slight_smile:

Jaba153 i am dancing on 3d… everybody dance now !:))

well… i dont know how … but this is something from my life now… i was sleeping… resting … and last month was really bad for me… bad grades , competiont work all day , and i had love problems… one chick … well u know how it goes… and today i finished my project for competiton… did my homework for school… i and i heard i got SMS on my phone… but didnt want to get up from bed… and u know who sent the message ? :slight_smile: it is sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… she asked something about maths … yeah right maths… haaha
my life is heading in good direction now… :smiley:


we are LOCO squibbit … now lets shake hands :smiley:


sure thing dude :beer: toast for de hombres loco


Hey nice work! I’m 17 too :scream: but I surrendered! I like your work, in the next challenge you’ll do a whole better!