Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Darko Markovic


Hey man …nice work…just a tip…make 3 or 4 renders of that particle system with a ramp light in particle’s base …The shader set to white and in ramp light’s color set different ramp coloring’s …and the marry all those renders in compositing…i quess this Maya …yes?..yes…so try it to improve the color of the exlposion…also in every render u se different size for the particles… :bounce: :thumbsup: :wip:


thnx mates… ! if everything goes ok … tommorow evening i will have Final 3d image… and then just to do some stuff in photshop… and walla ! :slight_smile:
i am there… but it is Just IF!:frowning:


it seems to me that the sun is setting… maybe a little bit darker shadows but also softer shadows…

BTW I agree with arturro on the particles comment :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work and good luck :wink:


Nice update marcovicd. !!:thumbsup:

I’m agree with nemirc for the shadows!!
Hope you’ve got your final image 3D very quick!!:arteest:
Good work!!
I’m waiting for update! :beer:


Not be repatative but I also agree, great work Darko! You got it man!


and here it is… just post effects and buildings in background and that would be it! …

thnx for great comments they really push me FORWARD!

and btw i have one queestion…
because my computer cant handle to render 3636X2500 (or something like that) can i render final image 1600x1200 ?
i think i read somwhere that i can ?!


ah great i can well i`ll try do render it in 2000x1600
Final Image Size

Your final image dimensions should be print resolution (as large as you can possibly render). Do not send in a low-resolution placeholder and ask us to get back to you, as we won’t.

• A guideline is 2657 pixels wide and/or 3636 high, 300 DPI (portrait), or
3636 pixels wide and/or 2657 pixels high, 300 DPI (landscape). Your image
aspect ratio and layout will dictate the final resolution. These are given
as guidelines. To be safe, render images that are larger than these
• DO NOT upsample your images to achieve higher resolution. If you cannot reach the desired full-page resolution, just send in what you have.
Information about the final file submission will be emailed to all contestants in December 2004. We will only accept final submissions in January 2005.


you can render what resolution you want, but possibly highest that your computer can render. So if it’s 1600x1200 than ok:)

This render is ok, but please change the color of the robots:)


Some great progress since I last saw it - you’re doing great!

I agree with others that the robots should be something other than yellow to be clearly seen but perhaps it’s to late now…

good luck in completion! :thumbsup:


Veliki napredak u poredjenju od proslog challenge-a, Darko!!
Narocito mi se svidja svemirski brod. Samo nastavi…looking good:thumbsup:


arturro hhihih… to make it worse… the biggest resolution i succeded to render is 1280x1024… ah … but u can see all the detailll that is good!

Gunilla i know… i know… but i was so busy with setting the system! :slight_smile: and i didnt change the color but now i have!

EmpY mislio sam da niko nije video moj rad u machinefleshu! :slight_smile: a tada sam tek pochinjao tako da to se ne rachuna :)) … a ovde sto se tiche napredka ochigledno … velik jeste ali dovoljan nije :frowning:


and yes … tommorow FINAL! at last :slight_smile:


I also have to agree :arteest:


ok first Layer…


ok- second… and then combining them and post effect


Come on Darko
show us the final!!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


yeah Darko Show us the FINAL! :smiley:


Combo! :slight_smile: … i am close… explosion , explosion parts and laser ! :0 and i am there


explosion on buidling in bacK!


Hey there most sexy…:cool:

You know you have done quite well here…And for a young man of 17 and with a full school schedule and with all the skirt chasing I know you do there in beautiful Belgrade you have done quite a great job here…Oh yes I know all about those yong beauties in Belgrade darko,I have spent some time there you know…:wink:

I wish you the best in your last steps,and think you should be proud of your efforts here,you have made some wonderful strides forward.I’ll be looking for your final brother…All the best…:arteest: :beer: