Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Darko Markovic


good work, i want to see how you will turn this to masterpiece later using 3d.

best luck.



just came back from school starting to model body of alien

thnx btw for comments!


here some more modeling done started torzo… hope u like it
comments are very welcome :smiley:


hey because this is my first character i have some problems … with abdomen does anyone have link for human Anatomy stomach esspecially ?


btw id make the alien a lot uglier :wink:

good work going on atm


hey thnx Voutlooz ! :slight_smile: - like ur work!
no i dont want ugly alien… i want to represent them as peaceful creatures! :slight_smile:
They are raised like warriors - something like S partans! :):bounce:


here some more modeling hope u like it…


some nice ideas there. your alien seems to be quite ripped

good luck


Hi, looks like this has potential so far! Only crit I have about the aliens is to get away from the horrible stereotype of having green skin, is this just temporary?


yeah for now … maybe he will stay green maybe he will turn to yellow … who know`s till end :smiley:


here still modeling alien… almost finished torzo… going for back… :slight_smile:

hope u like him ! :smiley:


hey good progress brother…nice alien u got there…but rather then giving it a musculer look i think it might b better if u go for a normal looking smart or angry alien… keep it up m8… i’ll b dropping by for updates…cya :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

edit: o another thing, please dont make the alien ware underwares…


wow great work so far! The model is coming along nice. Just about the first organic model Ive come across so far.:thumbsup: Keep it up!


Just watch your polycount, looks huge for only one character ! :eek:

Looks good so far, keep it up !!! :thumbsup:

Pozdrav iz USA:)


hey thnx mates! :smiley: this means very much to me ! :slight_smile:
i have been watching ur progress fantastic!
love both ideas
hope to se some more progress at u to !:slight_smile:
3doid :)) i wont it is just his butt !: D hahaah
well after i rigg it i will give him look for now just modeling then texturing :slight_smile:

anyway thnx mates!


Looks good so far!. I like the alien. Maybe area where the neck connects
to the body should be tweaked a little, not sure.

Keep it going, it’s really good!
Just, do not forget - it’s not about who is going to be the first to finish, so take it easy ;-),
and have fun!



hey empy like ur work very much! :slight_smile:
going to look for this mistakes and fix them!
well … i know it isnt who is going to finish first i just working when i have time… now i have but later when they start asking at school… i wont have so much time :frowning:


No worries, 3 months is a loooong time to go.
Make a plan, and you’ll be good.


I really like the space ship drawings you had. Yer mesh looks a bit heavy for the detail you got, just a heads up if you are deforming your model for poses. Nice job so far and cool idea.


Hi markovicd, Nice nice very nice I like your spaceship concept, also the alien is looking cool
just stick to your concept.
Good updates.:thumbsup: