Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Darko Markovic


Hi marko, i think the sky background look cartoony! maybe u have to research the real sky and paint with reference , and u should add more grow to laser beam too , maybe u are working on it!


mon : first i tryed with photoes… just dl them from net or take picture by myself of sky… and non of them matches my scene … somehow it looks so unreal… :frowning: … and when i drew this background … it looked more “common” for this scene… so i dont know what to do :frowning:
i think this background evendo it is cartoony… fits here… :frowning:

anyidea would be great


ok i have chosen the background… and here is lightning … ANY SUGGESTION WOULD BE GREAT

1-2-3 pictures setting intesity of light …
4 - adding spotlights like dom … 24 of them
5 - adding light from down
6 playing with color of it


adding spots on the flor so… the light bounces of … and other pictures adding more lights


adding area light from side … to brighten up the dark part of building…
and final for now… any idea is great


I see you made some progress with the light :). Two things, at the moment:

  • the light from below is bit too strong, i’d tone it down at least by half
  • specular highlights can tell a lot about size of things - make them much, much smaller. Not weaker, just smaller, and possibly sharper.


Great progress man. Its looking good. Keep at it!


azazel : i have done everything u said! now lets render ! :slight_smile:

||) |V| |^| thnx mate!

and now… i am seting up my command line for render… going to test it in 1024x768 resolution with everything… to see how it looks … hope it will be nice ! :slight_smile:

see ya tommorow morning! :smiley:


Hey Darko,

I thought I posted something here but I dont see my post… I suggested adding something in the distance to give a feeling of depth to the scene, maybe some more buildings or ships. I also like the latest sky background.:thumbsup:
Keep up the good work.


well… first render…


looking good mate, but chang ethe color of the robots for warmer one. Something closer to orange, or maybe change it to some dark colors, even black. I think also that the laser shots should be red here. Good Luck!


mmoir thnx for stoping by! and the building will be put in post effect! :slight_smile:

arturro … u have the point there… i am changing the armor into yellow…
i dont know something is killing my scene… if i only had more time :frowning:


yeap I’m agree with arturro’s comment about robots… dark gray… yeh you too u are almost at the final line :applause:



BRAVO!!! :applause: :applause:
u are developing like … :buttrock:
maybe U should decrease the DOF amount-scene looks a bit too “macrophoto”.


that DOF is realy killing the pic. Ah, it`s ugly.


Yes brother the DOF could use some work, and you should watch out for white outlines on your alpha maps, they’re pretty clear.

Go go go!


thnx guys for kind comments… i know dof is killing scene… it was just unsuc. try! :frowning:

and here is the latest render… i again had problems with comp… becuse of that i didnt have time to post something new! i am very busy at the moment … need to go and worK! bye!


ok, its better, but the the lighting is stil not right. A think i was better with darker shadows.


and this is the only effect that is going to be render with scene… other will be putted after hope u like it!


You particle work is great. But you have to make more colors there. So that the trials were more defined.(I think you can render this one and play with it in photoshop) Some smoke also would doo good to it.