Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Darko Markovic


I think the camera is far away from the main scene try some other angle. It would be nice if you put some ships in the air some air fight.The generators are interesting, have some time playing with the light, and you can put some fog on the ground. I wish you luck and keep going with the great job hope you will finish it soon.
(sve najlepse u 2005 godinu, ocekuem da zavrsis ovoj predizvik)


erlik i fixed light… it is still green but it doesn effect the droids and alien… here comes update

keetmun man i didnt see that uws are of! thnx for that

Vlatkozis i will try other pose with camera… i have lowerd it in this render…

thnx mates

ok ppl suggestions about camera i am listening … should it be closer or what ? far … lower just tell me thnx for help


made softer shadows… i think even more it needs to be softer… and green light deos affect anymore droids and soldiers… lowerd the camera… but i think it should be zoomed in little more


c`mon mates! need suggestion about camera… be specific what would u do!:frowning:


Looks good, although I’d give the camera a low angle view. That way it’ll look a lot bigger and dramatic. Perhaps you could place the camera just above and behind the soldiers, so that you can see them in detail too.


If you are sure that your models are detailed enough and that you will be able to make decent enough textures, go with a camera closer to the scene.


And even if the aliens are not detailed enough, you should make them the protagonists. So lower the camera until you see them close. Like, a couple of meters above them. I’d show you a way to compose the pic, but I cannot post attachments in your thread.

Or take joe’s suggestion to the extreme and put the camera completely low, so the aliens loom like giants running towards the ship. Then raise the buildings so the city is all around them.

But in any case: camera much closer, put what you want to stress at … let’s say, a third of a side of the picture, so you’ve got the classic composition.


here… something like this ? … i dont want to put camera in behind droids because i wont see detail on my building! so i think this is good position what do u think shall i lower it ? or what ?


This is coming along nicely. I would agree on changing up the positions a bit the characters look a bit on the stiff side. Keep at it!


its been a while i checked ur works… i was really busy, so i also had to quit my GSO… but DUDE! ur work is really lookin cool now… ur almost there… i c u have made a lot of progress and learned a lot from this one. i wish u all the best and hope u will finish this one in tym… best of luck bro!! :thumbsup:


ok here is just test… in this direction …
i dont like this render… yes yes i know it has a lot of work… lightning and all… but i feel so empty when i look at this scene … :frowning: what do u think ?

now comments…are TO MUCH welcome… please answer


hey… i really need opinion now! … shall it be this view or the first one … or some other… and u didnt comment… so little time ! :frowning:


here… i really need comment… but nothing still… :frowning:
what light do u suggest ? light dom ? or 3 point light!? shall it be with this type of background or other ? and so on… please tell me


nice tests Darko!

  1. stay with this camera angle, but also with the ship setting from the previous test. It looks much better there.
  2. Increase the contrast between the lighten/shadowed areas.
  3. On the previous test this light from the bottom looks cool(but not this color), so add many small glowy lights on the platform’s florr, and you will get better looking platform and better looking lighting on the ship.


thnx for comment! i am still seting up light for scene… added one point light … any suggestion ?


still playing with lights…

any suggestion … ah… blah noone is going to answer… :frowning:


few advices on light:
for a start:

  • try deeper orange for the keylight, make it really strong and turn on faloff/decay (however it’s named in your software), so light fades like in real world (inverse square). That way is easier to get away from uniform light distribution in the scene. You may have to crank up the light up to 1000 or so :), this is the main shadow source as well.

  • for fill / ambient, try few directional lights placed around your scene, with blue or violet colour (again, deep, not very bright shade), you can try subtle soft shadows here

  • try placing not too strong, orangish light so it catches the upper edges of the objects - this simulates skylight a bit and ‘cuts out’ your objects from the background. This one may need soft shadows.

  • some subtle light from the bottom, again blue/violet, to simulate light coming from below, again soft shadows
    -generally make the shadows deeper, stronger. You may have to render shadows separately for that
    , and try to avoid crisss-crossing patterns from that soft shadows i mentioned above.

  • then play with local lights, to make certain areas more important than other ones, this may take a lot of tweaking and time :wink:

When you are happy with the light, you may render ao pass and multiply it over the image, to get contact shadows and darken all the crevices and bring out the detail. Some fog or atmosfere may as well add some depth to the scene. Than play with it in post, play with levels and various color correction tools… Other thing, more widescreen cropping would fit the image better. Hope that helps a bit.

edit: make that metal texture much smaller, it throws off any scale relationsips.


great updates darko! I think that azazel made a good points. Try to make as many of them as you can:) I also agree with graga about the small lights on the platform(quite similar to the ones on the airport’s runway)


thnx for comments i needed them so much! preatty much of this i have done already…
the things i didnt do… is …
my light is yellow ( bright yellow ) not orange… now it is
and my light dome isnt blue/ violet it is white… so this is what i have to set up…!
shadows… hm… i will put now darker!
thnx very much!


this is still playing… didnt make changes that u told me … this was before i read the post