Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Darko Markovic


Yeah… an Happy New Year Darko :bounce:


happy new year my friends!
i just woke up had some great time last night on party… :slight_smile: came home at 6:00 am


hey mates rebuilding scene… just adding stuff… :slight_smile:
hope u like it!


and here are lights … 114 lights … with intesity 0.0125 + 1 direct inte - 1 and 2 down green lights inte. - 0.8


just came from the party… 3:30 am … render finished… adding detail still… hope u like it


hi there my friend! Nice progress. But I still feel the lack of details on this central tower. And I see that you like long parties! that’s good:buttrock:


I fear that, with a setup like this, you will make a “space chamber opera” instead of a “grand space opera” :sad:. A platform such as this one should be one of many stages where your space opera should be held.


arutrro thnx mate… i dont want to put more detail… + dont have time… testing renders :frowning:

pailhead dont have time to change the compo… maybe i would if i had time…


No changes darko…i think a possible forced perspective camera angle tests only.I want to see you get this to the finishline young man…You have started from the beginning,and it will be great to see you finish,this is a important step in your progress in this field…Keep it strong Darko,I know you will…:arteest: :arteest:


ok… adding detail still… didnt have time… this days… i need to model city… so tommorow there will be updates :slight_smile:


speed up my friend. I think that beside the city in the background you can copy more of this towers and put them lower in different angles(with longer/shorter bridges).


common, dont loose your self. You can make it. I also dont have enough time, but i`m trying.


Yeah…speed up and in turbo Nuts time man…:bounce:


• I am here to push you up my friend, time is really running out now and as Dimitris allready said: IT IS NOW TIME FOR TURBO ACTIVATION :buttrock: !! :smiley:


“IT IS NOW TIME FOR TURBO ACTIVATION” i’m agree!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

GO Go GO!! Nice update Markovicd… you can do it!!
And like Virtuoso said : “You have started from the beginning,and it will be great to see you finish…”

I wanted to see your final image too!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


If i were you Darko, id kindly ask all of these people to start giving me some useful advice instead of taps on the back. You know best if you can finish or not, and i hope you will, without the turbo activation.

Anyway, about this last set of images, try to make a few different character poses, 3-4 will sufice, rotate them, mirror them, this way they look like graphics from space invader - just a bunch of Xs with eyes.

Also fix the bridge uv problem, assign different uvs to the tiled surface, and rotate the two accordingly.


Ya, know. We don`t want advice too much, becouse then he can WIN this damm think:) !!

i don`t know from where the light is coming, but maybe try a softer shadow, maybe area shadoe type…


arturro i staretd on modeling the city… but this is the tallest building in city + unique as the storie says! :slight_smile:
Darkone2652 i`ll try not to lose myself! :smiley:

DimitrisLiatsos who , where , what!?!?! i am working! :slight_smile:

Climax thnx! … just push me iit is ok untill i dont flip over something! :slight_smile:

SuperXCM i am still working! :slight_smile: doing my best here!

pailhead hm… what is wrong about tap?

thnx mates there will be update soon!


A pat on the back is nice. But if all you get is pats, you usually get nowhere. Sometimes people need a push. In some extreme cases even a kick in the ass. :smiley:

Hope you’ll change either the texture on the ETs or on the building or the lighting. Everything is GREEN!

Then, if what you posted last is the finished composition, I’d change that too. Will there be a ship close to the camera? If not, your picture lacks focus.

Then, listen to pailhead. Change the postures.

This isn’t meant as an attack. What I said are details in comparison to what you’ve done this far. But important details.

Nemoj sad na kraju zeznuti. :slight_smile: (Translation: Don’t mess it up at the end.)


Yeah brother, these sound like pretty harsh words but they do make sense! As mentioned by the guys, the bridge UVs could be fixed, and maybe some change in colour, and some variation in poses.

Now fly like the wind brother!
:wip: :wip: :wip: :wip: :wip: :wip: