Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Darko Markovic


It looks good Darko. But maybe quick test with wings and guns in other colors. I would set the same color as the ship but with different saturation and brightness.


Hi darko…Looking good,nice work there…You know I think it would be best by a long shot for you to create your own textures for this model,it’s a great time for you to learn more and expand your knowledge…Your doing a fantastic job for a 17 year old,and I give you lots of extra credit for that…Your sticking with it,and thats the first big step,seeing this through to the end…Ok,nice modeling there,and all the best as you continue…:arteest: :beer:


||) |V| |^| thnx mate… well about the textures… i want to paint my own! … but i want to see how other textures look like so i can use them as Guide… :slight_smile:

arturro thnx mate i will try now… good idea… :slight_smile:

Virtuoso thnx man! … well as i said… i want to create my own texutures… but i want to see how other look… like death-star… so i can make something out of it… just to see what colors they use… how do they put elements and all…
thnx mate!



Aha! you wouldn’t beieve how many frozen throne games I beated during this challenge. :wip:

Good job man. Really nice texture. :bowdown:


and really ship model too :stuck_out_tongue:


Warit hahha… good for u keep winning! :thumbsup: and thnx for the kind words ! :slight_smile:


Found that If I don’t have a texture on hand for a project, it almost always takes less time for me to create a new one than to search the web for the “perfect” texture, and then tweek it to work with a model.

Textures. There’s an excellent article on texturing by Leigh Van Der Byl in issue 59 of 3dWorld magazine (and Bryce 4 free!), and Leigh has an excellent tutorial on texturing on her website.

Hope these help.
The links:

gotta run,


thnx great site… but i just wanted references of textures :frowning:
… well i render scene in 640x480… 1h10minutes render… with textures on ship , droid , and notetures enviroment… when i wanted to save it… something happend and i didnt save it :frowning:
blah… having trouble here… so little time… for rendering / post :frowning:


hmmmmmmmmmm… I like this ship my boy ! the details are great…

I agree with Arturro… the textures can me a bit different between some parts as wings, body, guns, littles pieces… I think you can have something visually more rich…

Keep it up SexyBoy :thumbsup:


heya lemog my man! :slight_smile: thnx for comments … i fixed what arturro said ! …
having problems here :(… rendering 2nd time scene 1024x768 … it renders about 1h:25 minutes… *btw this is with light dom
and then i want to save whole computer blocks… and maya doesn even save it automaticly!..
hope this will fix… i will post new reply in 2 hours if it renders if it doesn render… well i will try to find some other place for rendering it or … bye bye competiton :frowning:


Normally Maya was very cool with large scene and old machine… I do this experience all days…

Do you try to do some references with a lot of external file ? that’s may permit you to manage big file…

If you have a lot of similar vessels, do you use instance copy… ? and if yes… by experience… it’s better to save in this case in maya ascii… Maya Binary is more light but you can’t recover the contents of your file if your computer block…

Do you send render in command line… with maya close… ?
Like that, you save lot of memory and you reduce risk of problems when you save the final file…

There’s some ideas… I hope you can continue the challenge boy… you actully done a good work…now, you must finish your scene… courage :thumbsup:


very good updates darko ! Nice Man I like the ship and the env. About your problem you should get some more RAM for sure. But I hope you’ll be fine… good luck


lemog i did everything that u said… ! i learned a lot about that problems… and i have forgoten the command line!.. this will help for sure!

Divaise hey thnx man!.. i need ram i know… well the hollidays are coming… and u know what that means! :smiley:


Render -n 0 -s 1 -e 180 C:\projects\projectname\scenes\filename.mb

ok having problem i didnt render for long time in command line! and… :frowning: … there is a problem now… when i type this what i said up… the commander says that command render is unrecoginzed… :frowning: … what is the problem ? :frowning:


finally with command line i have rendered SCENE! i am so happy now ! :slight_smile:
render time 1024*768 1hour30 minutes…
well this is final for now explosion has to be fixed…

  • aliens need to be inserted
  • back ground (city)
  • texturing of enviroment…

and some other stuff… but this is basic… hope u like it!



Have a very happy new year! my friend


wwo!! great detail modeling! i love bevel stuff!! it 'seem that your scene is very huge ! , good luck and merryx mas


I’m happy you’ve less problem now… I hope you can finish your project easily then…

and MERRY CHRISTMAS my boy :thumbsup:


Climax :bounce:MERRY CHRISTMAS!:bounce:

monsitj Thnx for very kind words! + Merry christmas! :scream:

Lemog ! My french man!:applause: :smiley: merry christmas + thnx! :thumbsup:


Heya Dark Mark! Merry Christmas to you too!

Work’s progressing well, nothing to crit right now, just enjoy the festive mood! Cheers to that.