Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Darko Markovic


Now I like it more man it’s cool :slight_smile: move fast. Good Luck :stuck_out_tongue:


Yap, it looks better. And nice rendering! this small DOF and lighting of this guy are very good as well! Keep workin’ sir!


Hey man just checkin in on you. Looking good so far. I might just suggest one thing. When working on character design, I can recommend 1 major source besides the internet to find out all about human / bipedal design: Grey’s Anatomy. The work you have done so far is nice, but you might benifit overall by adding some mass (depth or width) to the calves of this character and the forearms. Keep at it my friend. Your making great progress.


arturro - thnx mate i did that just for fun glad u like it :slight_smile:

||) |V| |^| thnx mate! … well i will check that…

i am glad u like it mates… just i am sad because noone else replied :(…


ok finally i can combine all ( well not all but most of parts for my final scene) this render needs a lot of seting… i have render this just to show u what i am going for…
so it is going to look like this but… there will be

  • ship in circle
  • posing of aliens… shooting from guns
  • lasers
    the robots wont be all in same postion on all 3 paths … there will be explosion on one :slight_smile:
  • underneet there will be city
  • smoke
    and i cant remeber anything
    so here goes… how it will all go calendar


  • textures on droid + minor change on modeling
  • spaceship textures

next 6 days (after this) modeling env + texturing )

2 days ( modeling + texturing of small buildings - city under )

then goes possing…

setting up scene

and then goes rendering + post…
i need to have at least 8 days… to set smoke , flame , lasers , explosion… and everything…


looking good Darko, if you will do all this what you wrote, it will be great!

Good luck:bounce:


texturing droid… hope u like it


Nice start on texturing mate, you may want to add a bit more detail, but you probably don’t need to since these guys are so far away on the screen. Just a personal preference really.



people… i am so hungry and tired… i dont have strenght to post… texturing of ship… :frowning:
it is 1:40 AM now here in Belgrade …
i will post tommorow…
good night


yap, same here, but I used to work through the night… you will also like it sooner or later on your studies:cool: I’m waiting for next updates, thos last one looks promising, but I will see how it develops to say something more constructive:)


lol gota love staying up just a lil bit longer for that last render… uhg… but your project is turning out well… it will look great completed im sure =) ill have to keep checkin the progress of your pic


Practice make perfect,
but nobody is perfect so why practice?

('cuz we are crazy fools of coz!)
Keep going man. Art is partly an endurence test. I think of it as an real-life RPG, keep fighting and leveling up your artistic skills… :arteest:

Anyhoo don’t forget to have a rest too. :thumbsup:


arturro well… it looks… but just looks promising for now!:smiley:

vrhead oh my god… when rendering starts i think i will die…

Warit upgrade COIL 3th lvl! upgrade it! ( war3 - death knight ) :))
hahaha rpg… i used to play war3… used to be lvl 23 on battlenet when everyone was about 30… that was in roc:))

thnx guys… :slight_smile:


Hey! I like the look of that droid. Great looking model and the color is really cool. Perhaps it looks a bit to plastic but that olive look is just great - keep it up and good luck!


enviorment texturing…
still more to do !
hope u like it :slight_smile:


Nice work there on that platform. Coming along great, nice details on that robot. Looking good. Keep at it, you will only realize your dreams when you have chased them long enough to allow yourself to see the full perspective of what you can accomplish. Just remember, anything can be correct from a certain point of view.


your differents models are very good and maybe funny…:thumbsup:your platform texture miss of details, you may add more degradation.


gunnila hey man .! thnx for kind words!

||) |V| |^| thnx for this words! … something diffrent from you ! :slight_smile: thnx man!

glim what is funny about mad killing robot!? :))))) hhaha… thnx mate… but they shouldnt be funny! :smiley: but nevermind :slight_smile:

thnx mates… tommorow update more modeling + texturing on scene…

and please mates give me some tuts if u have about rigging / posing ! :frowning: … i need to rig alien… for this scene … 4 of them shooting … 1 laying on ground and 2 running in ship!.. and i dont know how :frowning:


ok here it is … ship textured…
i am looking for some textures for my enviorment… if anyone has link for some space textures ( you know what i mean like default material in 3dmax of death-star) please post it here…


looking very nice there Darko. Good job on modeling and texture mapping. The contest rules state no-prefabs. Which means perhaps you should take a stab at trying to produce something for a texture vs just finding it. Just a suggestion… :stuck_out_tongue: