Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Darko Markovic


nice modeling… good luck…:thumbsup:


Nice Modeling Dude Rock on:buttrock: My suggestion would be to maybe add some pannels to the structure work like joins and maintanance access pannels you know that kind of thing.

Go For it dude it’s looking good :bounce:

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L8r man


Great work in progress updates. I see you broke your computer too :wink: anyway keep going man its looking great.


gulliver3 thnx man!:bounce:

blackdragoncg thnx for suggestions and kind words! well i am adding detail as u can see :slight_smile:

||) |V| |^| hhhahhaha:scream: yes… hammer works f ine :smiley: thnx mate!:thumbsup:


added cargo (boxes ) and reflectors ( lights ) i have to hurry up… because i dont know how long scene will render in end…


started on modeling the central part…
where the ship will be




nice updates sir Darko! I advice to add some pipes and cables going on the walls. And some little greebles on the wall, just to make it more real(some energy boxes, communication modules, and god knows what more). And also do you plan to do some plating on the walls? with bump? I thin kit would look good.
Keep good improvements sir!:bounce:


thnx arturro , gr8 advices! sir , yes , sir ! :bounce:

hm… about bump map… i dont know… when i finish modeling i will ask u what color do u think i should use :slight_smile:
i thought of some dark color , brown , blue , dark-black…
blah… lets not talk about it now… later when i finish modeling :slight_smile:


Niiiiicccceee…Good start brother! Don’t worry about the colours right now, I’d suggest finishing all the geometry first before thinking about colour and texture, then do up your lighting setup. Good to be organised…

Cheers mate!


adding detail


i need to pause from modeling a little bit… ( not left much ) … i think i am done 80%… anyway… started on texturing alien… i wanna finish this guy…
hope u like it:)


here are textures for middle part (torso)
and i have another bump… it is used in layerd shader 2bumps+ color


hey wazzup my bro :slight_smile: the textures looks nice BUT !!! but I think you should make them little bit more complex with some rust or somthn or if you want to be clean make them reflective little bit… any way :slight_smile: I wish you luck man :thumbsup:


wow that looks very nice man!!.. that alien orange-suit guy looks really scarry, dont let him close to me… lol… well i got one crit… i guess there is something wrong with teh rust bump lear the thigh… beside that… al looks good to me… keep up the great works mate :thumbsup:


divaise - thnx bro! i added rust… i think it is enough ? or is it ? :slight_smile:

over - thnx mate! well that rust on thigh… is from acid ! :slight_smile: i wanted to make some diffrent rust from usual… so this is from acid … u know how it looks when acid is on metal :slight_smile:


yeah it’s cool but I think you should make it not so symmetrical if you know what I mean in our language “не толкова равно” if that word is the same nn yougoslavian… I mean on hands legs and etc. but it’s a taste , not everyone likes rust so you decide :slight_smile:


one more render folx…
c&c are now to much welcome!


hello sir! Well done, now I only don’t like the glass on his helmet. There are two ways… make it reflective and almoust non transparent, or make it transparent and very little reflective:) but I think that something should be done. I’m waiting for next updates sir!


i think this is it with alien…
made some quick enviorment with procedural textures (about 10 min work) just for fun :slight_smile:
hope u like “Joe” i gave him that name :slight_smile:

Phelius The joe :smiley: