Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Darko Markovic


more modeling


nice model. I only don’t like the connection of the arms and the body. Some kind of joint would be a goo didea there. Keep th enice progress! I’m waiting how this guy will develop:)


yeah mate … i know… i have to add some kind of ancles… hm i will think of something :stuck_out_tongue:


made this picture just for fun… :slight_smile:


great update Darko! move only the left hand of the red guy more back, move the elbow a little bit farther from him. (I mean the guy in red)

keep the nice progress!


the connection to the arm seems goofy!, not realistic enough. I will suggest adding some sort of ruber like / silicon like shape, more like skin, soft, like the wires and the metal are going inside of it.

  • keep working on your stuff man!


keep at it the last update helps me visualize a bit more. Are you going for a cartoonish appearance? It would seem that you are.


thnx mates…
cartoonish?! no no no !.. well that is just simple render with shaders… i am getting angry because everyone is starting to "make scene " and i still dont have my enviroment :(…


I like the look of your 'BotZ…they have a classic SiFi appeal to them…I will wait to see more of your compo before I make any suggestions…keep on workin :cool:


Dont worry mate! I dont have a scene yet Im still modeling… LOL!

  • cheer up


The last one looks interesting, man. Like some kind of high class magazine cover. I think you might be on to something, maybe you can try more such layouts, looks really interesting right now

Cheers man


ok ppl u made me angry… everybody is making enviorment and i am not! :))
so here it goes… started 1 hour ago


closeup of elevator…
this elevator… for going on high buidlings :)…
it is powerd by 1 main jet and 4 small








I see that you’re speeding up, that’s great! Nice progress, I only would add some construction for the elevator. Some kind of scaffolding. It would look more stable, and more like an elevator.


i will add w8 ! :)…
i have to stop now… going out… i will come back later to continue :slight_smile:


still modeling addedneons



adding windows…
some comments would be cool…
going to sleep now , tommorow at night more updates!

we are going into massive-league now with this enviorment… a lot of details :slight_smile: