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Darko Markovic has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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And Here it is FINAL!
ok now i have to say a couple of words…

  • This competition was very hard for me… last 10 days i worked over day and night… because my computer didnt want to co-operate. So i am very tired... and if my school if finishing in 10 days... if i dont start to study now … i wont be pleased with my grades… neither will my parents :frowning: … Rendering problems were great pain in the ass… so i let my comp render and i go to party come back at 3:00 AM and sit down at computer try to be quiet as much as i can … and not to wake up my parents… there were days when telephone woke me up ( some friend calling ) and i was sleeping on keyboard… ( belive me very painful expierience ) … But thnx to u people ( thank u! u have been very kind to me) that pushed me forward… and helped me trough my work somehow i managed to finish this competition…
    i know there are some things that could have been better… but … no time… :frowning:
    I have learned a lot of stuff during this compet. …
    AND! the best thing that happend here is new friends… and i think it is the best thing that happend to me since i started with 3D…! that would be my little speach … don`t wanna make u cry! :smiley:

  • General

  • 2.000.187 Polys in scene

  • Render time 3h - 10 minutes - 1 minut TOTAL 3h11min17sec

  • Program Maya 5.0 Complete + Photoshop

  • Nurbs + poly ( just Phelius Soldier )



and yeah one more thing



well… first of all i wish LUCK to everyone ! :slight_smile:
theme is exellent… superb! cheerz cgtalk crew , going to do fast sketch right now :slight_smile:


ok… i am skectching now in moment of writting this! :slight_smile:
i am going to make scene , giangantic battle …!:slight_smile: so not a day to lose big big big modeling to go :slight_smile:
going to have ships in the air , massive buildings , 2 new races , cannons , tanks , little ships , army ! :slight_smile:
so lets make history for now i will just sketch simple to shoow what i mean :slight_smile:
and i will write story


well…this is the concept i will first make this simple sketches… like this one :slight_smile:
then i will paint it now in photoshop to get some sense to put more life in this scene… and then more detail sketches of vheicles , races and all :slight_smile:
now i have to run to school :slight_smile:

well , there are two races that lived together on nice planet. But after some time there was a terrible fight ,
Phelies (one race) wanted to go away from the Nakun ( other race ) . After leaving the Phelies wanted more … on planet that they inhabited wasnt engough of resource… so they wanted to take over their motherplanet… So this is where are history is making… we are in the center of battle … beetween these two races … city is in ruins and …

now i have to run to school!
later better sketch and everything


well … this sketch sucks big time … i mean that is the angle of view that i want to accoplish … but :)))) like i draw it with left leg hahaha… nevermind i am just unwrapping paper a3 and starting to draw scene…


well… i made some change… first of all there isnt going to be battle :slight_smile:
here new update… humans after long jounrey finally found what they have been looking for the lost city of Phelius (aliens) , left it is going to be mother sheep … there is going to be soldier on rocks standing exousted and underneet him is going to be city something like this that i have drawn!



Alien soldier concept… more detail tommorow… no comments :frowning:


Hello Darko…:wavey:

                Welcome to the challenge,it looks like you are thinking up an expansive scene/setting.Space opera........what grand open-ended possibilities this has.............Have fun over there in belgrade........all the best........[i]Pozdrav[/i]......M.Madic (AKA....Virtuoso)         :beer:


Cool, markovicd, welcome to the challenge. Keep in mind that individuals are not the focus so don’t put too much effort into characters. Keep it big :wink:



thnx man! :slight_smile:
now that i realised that i suck at sketching on computer i will do sketch just on peace of paper to have sence of what i am doing and then i will do everthing detail - starship , alien-building , soldier… :slight_smile:

e hvala bash mi drago da ima i dosta nashish na takmichenju :slight_smile:

Cool, markovicd, welcome to the challenge. Keep in mind that individuals are not the focus so don’t put too much effort into characters. Keep it big :wink:


well… yes … but now that i have 3 months to go i will do everything … my character isnt visible in front just back , but anyhow i will model him in front :slight_smile:


here i made some concept for head… had some spare time about 10 minutes…
made rough skectch of entire scene with paper and pencile (ah… traditional way :D) just dont have scener :smiley: , i will w8 for my neighbour to come back and then scan it :slight_smile:
then maybe paint it in ps …
but never mind
here concept head alien soldier
hope u like it
comment !:slight_smile:


well… this is it made this concept just to have fealing what i am making…
well story now… !
Story :
Once upon time there was town of nature-warriors - “Phelius” , they were warriors best in universe , with their hometown called Mondano , they were safe… but in not so long ago this town desapired! And now one group of the natural soldiers Phelius are looking for this town… and in the end they find it deep hidden from others in valley of unkown!
on sketch Alien - warrior on rocks , on his left side big career fleet , in front temple and other Phelius buidling , …
so i will need here …
one giant career fleet mothersheep!:slight_smile: , alien , temple , little building (3) , landscape and that is it !:slight_smile:
gl everyone now sketches


i am back from school got B from mathematics , not so happy about it but nevermind , i was so bored that i made some sketches…
alien head




now comment i am getting depressed :frowning:


really depressive… going to jump from my window…
bye :))))


E, gde si ti?
Super su ti crtezi.
Samo nastavi.
Good luck!!!:bounce:


ma evo nesto se drndam sa skolom kako je u Chironu ? :slight_smile: novi studenti stigli ? :)ajde pozdrav nadam se da ces ti da uradis nesto onako “super” :smiley:


well painting i tryed to pull something out of that rough sketch! :slight_smile:
hope u like it :frowning:


well started on modeling alien ! :Dfor now just start of the head… quick render with shader… still lot of work… first fix head then i will go on body

-Markovic Darko