Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Daniel Zsoldos


Here is the complete texture for the landscape.


I used an irregular texturing method. After many try I found texture mapping to complex on this surface. So I stretched the texture in a poly plane then I moved it to the proper position above the rift. I gave it a cloth solver and made the landscape a cloth collision object. Then I run the simulation and the textured plane slicked well to the surface.
The final step was really fun: cutting out the rift from the plane and fine positioning that.


I tried to render a final resolution frame. I don`t know my machine will be able to perform this.
It has been rendering for eight hours. CPU is on 100%, but there is no details to view only the rendering screen in black…
I dunno what to do. It is not the final image just a test. Final Image will be more complicated than this.
How much time should I leave this process??? :sad: a week?


The poly plane layer with the texture is slightly transparent. The landmass beneath is a shiny blinn material. My plan is to represent ice in that way.


I just noticed that I modeled the surface of the newly explored moon of the Saturn.
That’s the greatest honorable mention! Nature certifies me! :)))
Here are some proofs.


The main concept modified a little…
I have no time yet to finish the project fräulein. This will be an other individual project (I hope) cause nurbs modeling is an overdose for me now.
The new concept is the lonely pioneer.


The flying junks and pieces are nice and random. That gives it a good sense of motion. I think the ship should be larger.


Thanks Eric! The whole scene has been reflected in a concave sphere, it gives a nice round shape to the far things. The funny thing is the ship is before the flying bits!! and it seems farther like these. I will load up pictures about the set if Maya renders the final resolution at last (I have doubt about this). In this picture ship is closer to camera but it seems nearly in the position like on the previous picture.


I really doubt that Maya will render the final resolution. I optimized the scene and I broke it into two layers. Now I tried to render the background layer (1spotlight+lightfog and a few fluid clouds) in 2657 x 3636 in (very) low quality. It has been rendering for four hours but there is no result. I think rendering high resolution is the real art here. I have 2 Gigs of ram and 5 Gigs on hdd for swap and temp I don`t know what should I do. Time is too short…


It did it! The final render is DONE. I never thought.
The render time was nearly one whole day.


The final touches!


Now I`m loading up the final image. That is close! :argh:


So… finally here we are…
Synopsis: a lonely pioneer ship searching the dying ice planet to set up a new mining outpost for the great intergalactic empire.
It was rendered in Maya software render in 2657 x 3636 portrait. It contains six light source, one with lightfog.
The final image was completed in two month. Render time was 13 hours for the fore ground layer and 9 hours for the background.


I would like to thank everyone who wrote in my thread or just viewed it, and I would like to say thanks to Cgnetworks of course for the opportunity of the challenge. I think I learned much under this two month period. That was hard time for me but that was full of experience.
First of all I should upgrade my computer:)


Here are some behind the scene picture as I promised previously.
First the layers. Two slightly transparent ice like layer lies on the landscape mesh which has a very shiny material.


And the second one previews the set of the final image.

These images are “outside race” “secret” materials on private storage.


How do you like my new little evil bastard avatar?:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :buttrock:


Congrats. on finishing it.


Thank You! However concept became a little more simple


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