Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Daniel Zsoldos


I dropped red directional light beneath the surface to represent the light of flowing lava in the rifts.


A plan for the final image.


Some guns from earlier concept to newest.


After a little “study” of heavy clouds I decided I use fluids not particles.


Multi layered vast clouds painted in 3D fluid boxes could give a quite good result (of course in front view).
I think I should use a hell lots o` particles to gain the similar result without using fluids.


Merry Xmas for all!


Storm clouds


Storm clouds gathering


I used the old trick, a distorted reflecting surface to gain a more planet shape like landscape.
It is a concave half sphere which reflects the whole scene. The result similar like pictures shot with fisheye optic lenses. Sadly render time multiplies.


The under surface red spotlight painted the clouds fully in the reflected image somehow.


Here is the new lighting (spotlight + lightfog) tested with strange ice cubes in the sky.


There is a little trouble with depth map shadows which I don`t know yet how can I resolve.


New lighting with clouds


Lowpoly angel greets the bright star.


Shadow trouble has been resolved:)
There is a grotty bump mapping on the icefield.


Happy new year! :thumbsup:


Here comes the texture for the landscape.


Lots o` work.


Fortified trade ship. With snow of course, and without some texture.