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Daniel Zsoldos has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: I would like to thank

I would like to thank everyone who wrote in my thread or just viewed it, and I would like to say thanks to Cgnetworks of course for the opportunity of the challenge. I think I learned much under this two month period. That was hard time for me but that was full of experience.
First of all I should upgrade my computer:)


Greetings Everyone

I am very interested in the contest, cause I was too late and passed up the previous. I was being in tears about this when BENG! the new Challenge suddenly fell down from the sky and its crushes me apart I can tell! Thanks CGNetworks. Whoa! Grand Space Opera design! I shouldnt wish ever anything else. I noticed a bit late, but finally I am in:)
Good luck to Everyone, and have a wondrous time with constructing your dreams!


Here are my firs quick sketches. The base concept of design was the historical light cavalry from the eastern/central european region typically in the 16-19th centuries. They were slightly armored and as a result of this they gained quickness which made them capable to execute hit raid attacks on enemy. They had no fear, and they were dangerous on battlefield with sabers and with firearms too. They were called Hussars.
I was thinking about the “hi-tech” remade of them long before, and now seems the time has come for the new battalion to reborn!


here I am again


For the more iconic image the heroic poses are necessary. It`s a bit like propaganda posters in wartimes.


Closer face


New dawn rises above frozen wastes of the dead sea but vast clouds gathering on the horizon.
So in the upper part of the picture is a huge ice field, the grasps cluster like things are the vast clouds. The strange ship like things are strange ship like things in the air. There is a dome in the corner which submerged partially under the surface.
The lower part is harder to see and identify. There are people in the foreground, behind them there is a tri-barreled BIG GUN. Behind the cannons there are the flags of triumph. And in the background there is a glorious dawn.


Hello Daniel!
Good luck for you in this contest.The concept you have looks quite good,could turn out very epic.
Did you drop the idea with the lancers? (concept looked promising too)
All the best


Thank you andreas_V. Im on trying to turn this project out very epic. I dont drop the concept of hussars but it`s mixed a bit with “modern” type warfare.
Actually my idea based originally an adoption of the age of unification in many European countries. Approximately in the late 19th early 20th centuries. The time when the old imperial armies and warfare were replaced with the new “modern-styled” ones. New militant conceptions extinguished the old ideas and warfare.
I like this altering age cause it has an wide scale of units, uniforms, fighting styles etc…
In my adaptation the old and the new style get on well with each other, and they together mixed with technology of the far future.


Ok. Let`s speed up! Here is a water-color propaganda material.
Prepare for WAR!!!


Could somebody tell me how can I use image as a signature, cause it seems none of the codes working for me. Can I enable HTML code or something?


Those who give their heart fully to the Battalion, will be rewarded by the Grand Cross of The Torn Hearted. However no one can tell the honor because it is a posthumous award.
It has not a close relation to my scene but it`s part of my world and I painted just for fun.


Nice sketch work, looking forward to seeing some of it translated into 3D :thumbsup:


Thanks Crin!
I started modeling already and now here is some proof…


First the project fräulein which make me some troubles with nurbs modeling.


The great cracks of the frozen wastes.


I used fluid clouds to illustrate low atmospheric wind blows through the canyons and barrens.




Lowpoly angel greets the land. There are temporary lowres textures.
Background picture was taken from which is a great source of wonderful sky phenomenon photographs.


The main concept of this planet is the slow process of falling apart. This world sets place in the final round of a distending universe.