Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Daniel Trbovic



very clean job…and for sure is very artistic work…good luck on the voting friend!


Wow, how could I miss this thread. Amazing work. Congratulations. :thumbsup:



Wow EmpY… excelleeeeeeeeeeeeeent job. Congratulations!


Ypu are truly a great image creator…even with the simlist of polys you can bang out a good image …the is very nice work the post work with the grain looks nice and gives a real artistic feeel…good one agaiN…


omg… what have u made from simple modeling! u have made a masterpiece … just setting the light! :slight_smile:


Really COOL

Victor Hugo would be proud of you…just kidding…see my last stupid comment…





I’m very happy you like the image!!!:bounce:
It proves that it was worth doing it, despite too many obstacles.

The challenge itself is fantastic with sooo many ultraCool works produced…congrats to all who finished.

Hope the next challenge comes soon, hehe!

Many thanks for the compliments!!!

…gone shoping for more memory…


That’s a great Image, with lovely colors and a special artistic touch!
Well done Daniel!


Poetical. I like it. Conga!!


Damn, I totally missed the fact that your final is up here.

It’s everything one can expect from you, Daniel! Two thumbs up :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


see ya in next challenge! :slight_smile:


Wow, I love the mood that this piece gives off; the composition and design is just really great. You got a vote from me on this. :slight_smile:


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:
great touch of art here…


U are very talented artist! From the design up to final compo&light setup it is a masterpiece.


might be a little late to vote now,but never late to …:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::drool::surprised


Very nice mood in your image.
A spiritual touch.
I like a lot your final image Daniel.
Good luck in the voting phase! :thumbsup:


i had vote for u … it’s my favourite work, u r an excellent artist
wish u all the luck!



Of course we like it u crazy NUT…and …hahahahahah…going out to buy memory?..this MR displacements of yours are eating up memory like peanuts eh? :scream: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: …amazing work again Daniel…hope to see u again in a Challenge :bounce:


Dude !! This must have been the 16th for 3D :thumbsup:

till next time!


Your image should have made it to the shortlist in my opinion, wonderful image.