Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Daniel Trbovic


I think the group shot is a good choice. Those guys make a nice center of interest, and there’s a lot of nice background space for stuff to happen.


I’d be inclined to agree about the group photo #6 - but there’s something very charming about ‘the lost scout’ as well, though I can see that in the end, #6 will be more grand and epic.


I rather like that one myself to be honest :slight_smile:


me like Lost Scout too…but anything u like better…i know i will see eye candy stuff …Bubble Nut :arteest:


Nice to see you here Daniel… an another a great job in perspective… go go go :bounce:


Sketch 6!!! :bounce:


Hi empy, concept sketch 6 looks cool.:thumbsup:


Shark vessel i think that it can be exellent image ( dont suspect that the others wont :))

just think that this one can really be great… ship going in sun…mmm :smiley:


Thanks for your comments!!
Sorry if I’m not replying as I should…I’m so out-of-time for this.
(don’t be mad if I’m not fast on replies, please)

Anyway, just caught an hour or so to start this baby up.

For the guys that like TheLostScout, you got me thinking there…thanks for that!!

Lets go freestyling again, woohoooo!!!


mmmmmm, icecream…


I expected some beautiful and surreal like atmosphere from you daniel…And you did not dissapoint.A real nice mood,and a nice touch of surrealism…Keep on keeping on Brother…:arteest:


@Virtuoso: Thanks, Bro, for your swift response!! see you around :wink:


Did I miss a sketch? The latest render looks great - but how is it going to tie in with the theme?


alway impressing me, i love your work and the last one really simple but has the touch you always made to bring it live

nice work keep having fun and show more soon
good luck


I found you dude, great concepts and the icecream looks yummy…peppimint with chocolate…mmmmm!!!
Looking forward to more :thumbsup:


Great start.:scream: I like it.:love: Is this base for final image?


Man, you have so many ideas at once… I really like all of your pictures, they have a nice atmosphere, but I think that some of them lack the iconic, epic, universe critic time. You should try to combine some of your ideas in the same picture, so that there is something really important going on.


:bounce: wow, love the texture and that nice soft glow on the highlights. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what else you’ll bring into this scene.


Neato icecream Daniel! You still know your way around groovy looking shaders :wink:


This image looks very nice, but it’s a bit soon for loosing time on any type of rendering…don’t you think?
Try to gather informations about all the details in your project before you chose to start modeling job, and there is a time for good rendering later on.
I hope that this is helpfull for you. Anyway, great start so far and keep on posting.